thankful thursday

Thursday, November 8

happy sweet thursday friends! 
it's november...and you know what that means? 

but who are we kidding here, 
is one month really the only time to live washed in the sacred practice of offering thanks? 
sadly I recoil at my tendency to block intentional gratitude off to one month a year. 
i am slowly learning that the act of giving thanks
is also the act of freeing our spirit-
letting loose my selfishness which screams ME
and learning to soak in the gifts of the Father which are set apart for HIS glory. 

and so begins my journey back into Ann Voskamps 1000 gifts. 
i read this manifesto a few years ago, but am venturing back into this goodness with a few sweet lovely blogging friends....

"thankful thursday" seemed appropriate to call it. 
and you are absolutely invited in to share this journey with us! 

you know what hit me as I dove in? 

that from the beginning 
{and i'm talking Garden of Eden beginning}
satan has been using the same old lie on us...

"God isn't good" 

ann says "it's the cornerstone of [satan's] movement. That God withholds good from His children, that God does not genuinely, fully, love us."

yuck because i've fallen for that darn lie.
and over.
and over again. 

i just keep reliving that "garden story" 
which is utter ingratitude and mistrust. 
our fall, my fall, "has always been, and always will be, that we aren't satisfied in God and what He gives"

double yuck. 

but the first step is realizing that this particular ugliness is festering. 
to be conscious that it's seeping in and infiltrating our mind and heart. 
because it's pretty easy to sometimes allow that lie to take over our thinking,
which makes us pathetically entitled to things we're sure God owes us! 

{and i speak from personal experience, sadly}

but this season i want to press in to the TRUTH. 
the TRUTH that says 
God is LOVE.
the TRUTH that says
I can live FREE and AT PEACE 
in HIS presence. 
ALL wrapped in Thanksgiving! 

but I can't do that seeped in discontentment. 
and so Ann sets the stage for chapter 2. 
how in the world does one move from mistrust in God's goodness
to a life of refreshing praise? 

because i want that, i desire that. 
and so the story continues to unfold as we read for next week:) 

and as an addition each week I want to share a few things i'm thankful for: 
- an absolutely amazing sister bonding trip to germany and greece with my sister (and that I didn't kill us driving the rental car! Like really, that is a PRAISE!) 
- an incredible Life Group to live out the gospel with
- a sweet hubby that makes me laugh and encourages my soul
- Salad, sweet potatoes, and baked brussel sprouts, yum!! 
- the most adorable neighbor kids who draw us pictures and ring our doorbell every day. 

what are YOU thankful for today? 
love Katie 


  1. We all have a lot to be thankful're making me want to read this book, too! I'm going to have to find a copy of it somewhere. I've heard good things about it from many people already.

  2. I was struck by so many of the same things you were...specifically Satan's nasty lie that we keep believing about God holding out on us! Your writing is so eloquent Katie! I loved starting my day by reading all of your thoughts! I can't wait for next week...God is good. :)

  3. Found you through Tara's blog today. I'm thankful for so many things... I just wish I could always see those things I'm grateful for, even when I have a rough day. I'm working on being more thankful each and every day, not just one month out of the year like you said. Happy Thursday!

  4. Love it girl! You write so beautifully! The kindred spirits both wrote their thankful list at the end. haha! Grateful for you, sweet friend! Excited to read next weeks!!

  5. Katie- Love this post!!! We have a thankful tree and last night Brooklynn said she was thankful for fruit tress. I love the things that they say! I am thankful for you and Kevin and the way that you have poured your lives out! Love you guys!

  6. I didn't enjoy that book as much as a lot of women I know (my mom felt the same as me about it), but I loved the beginning of it about her sister. I also decided to write down a list of things that are blessings for me and have about 400 written in a journal so far. I am glad you are thankful! Me too!

  7. Katie! WOW! God downloads amazing truths that speak right to my heart through you! Thank you for being so transparent on the amazing God we serve!

  8. "I just keep reliving the garden story" So. Relatable. Beautiful and convicting post Katie!

  9. So glad you had a wonderful trip friend! I bet it was so refreshing and fun girl time :) This post is beautiful and you've summed it up perfectly :) Love this & your sweet spirit! Can't wait to continue the journey with you.

  10. so glad you did a Thankful Thursday because I've been feeling very thankful this week. it sounds crazy, but right now, i'm most thankful that someone stole my tires on Tuesday. it's a longer-than-a-comment thought (which you can read about on my pretty new blog at, but the bottom line is that God always provides and for that I am incredibly, wordlessly, thankful!

  11. that first picture is so cute! i need to finish reading that book! i am thankful for my warm house, a weekend, fall weather and my husband!

  12. What a refreshing reminder. I'm looking forward to hearing your perspective on the upcoming chapters! Love you! (And I'm thankful for brussel sprouts too...just another reason we were meant to be friends! ;-))

  13. i agree we shouldnt just be thankful during the month of november our precious, forgiving and good Lord blesses us everyday and for THAT we should always be thankful! This post spoke volumes thanks for writing it!


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