from empty to full, our true salvation

Thursday, November 15

that person that said good things in life never come easy,
they were right. 

do you ever wonder 
"if i'm saved, then why i am sad?"
like there's this perpetual state of wired happiness that should be achieved 
because you're a christian
but you just can't seem to get there? 
and then start wondering 
"what does salvation mean if i still feel miserably lost?"

don't worry, me too. 

for so long i just considered salvation a one time deal.
prayed the prayer. boom. done. heaven bound. 
i never gave thought to the fact that once sealed with God's spirit,
I can still learn to live more fully alive
in Abba's sweet saving grace! 

so here's the thing i'm learning. 
Jesus SAVED me. 
He SAVED you. 

Abba has redeemed us,
but the crux of living into the life Jesus has for us
begins with a journey of working out our salvation
so that it is fully
in our lives

so what's the key to living a fuller, deeper expression of salvation? 

well, i'm not a creepy preacher with a 5 step plan for happiness, 
but I am a girl who has been inspired by Ann Voskamp and her words which have so poignantly touched the depths of my weary soul...

so here it is, the beginning step of living into our true salvation,
via Ann.   

charis: grace
eucharisteo: thanksgiving
chara: joy

the greek word with the hard meaning and the harder meaning to live- 
this is the only way from empty to full. 

we only enter the the full of life if our faith gives thanks

thanksgiving is the evidence of our acceptance of whatever He gives.
Thanksgiving is the manifestation of our YES to His grace.

Thanksgiving is inherent to a true salvation experience; 
thanksgiving is necessary to live 

Our salvation in Christ is real, yet the completeness of that salvation is not fully realized in a life until the life realizes the need to give thanks.

I would never experience the fullness of my salvation until
 I expressed the fullness of my thanks every day,
and eucharisteo is elemental to living the saved life."  

In the end, Ann is just like you and me. 
she writes
"...I wasn't taking everything in my life and returning to Jesus, 
falling at His feet and thanking Him....
this is why I sat all those years in church but my soul holes had never fully healed." 

are you living with holes in your soul? 

then here is what we do to knit those holes healed. 
we give thanks. 
we fall on our knees and cry thanksgiving to the one who 
truly gave it All for us. 

Salvation becomes more beautiful and fully realized,
when it's covered
and soaked
you and i
give thanks
and take a baby step towards the fuller realization of our salvation today. 

This week, I am thankful for:
- my sweet friend and her newest most precious baby boy benji
- gluten and dairy free apple crisp
- reading in bed with my husband, stories of incredible jesus followers in the muslim world
- the gorgeous sky on my drive home last night
- new and old girlfriends
-laughing SO hard my face hurts!
- my parents putting me on speaker at the airport and laughing and giggle with them before they left for italy
- my fake fireplace to snuggle in front of!! 
much love,

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  1. So so good! Love this post today.

  2. I loved every word of this Katie! And your pictures with words just add to the beauty of it! I love the analogy of holes in our soles and picturing Jesus knitting them back together.

  3. Beautifully written, again. The chapter this week really made things more clear and got more deep, which I love. :) Hope this week has been treating you well!

    Ps. I'm thankful for you!

  4. I love this, girl!!! I agree with Tara, beautifully written!!! I love what you said about you not being a creepy preacher with a 5 step plan because I SO felt like parts of mine sounded like that! bahaha! BUT, joy is still real and still able to be found in those ways! Love you, friend!!!

  5. loved this Katie! This was super inspiring and enlightening! I'm totally joining along in Thankful Thursday, what a good way to be intentional about being Thankful!

  6. Love this. We are currently doing an all in series. My biggest take away was the realization of what I was doing that was building a kingdom in this world and not in his.

  7. Love getting to hear your thoughts from Ann's book! I read it last year and loved it so, so, so much! =D

  8. Blog hopping and came across yours. What a beautiful post!

  9. beautifully written. I love learning alongside you girls, this has been great thus far!

  10. This was so good to read. On our hearts perhaps more during this "season of thanks", thanks is something to be a continual part of our existence. I love how thankfulness postures our heart.- Anyway, just happened upon your blog for the first time today, and had such a nice visit here. While you're reading your "about me" page, I loved seeing that you have a desire to live in community. Such a rare thing to find: people who are willing to share life. So refreshing, and a strong desire of our heart.- I hope your weekend has been a good one so far. It's been lovely to "meet" you!

  11. awesome thoughts. thank you so much for sharing. i also spent a part of my life repairing "soul holes". a long time ago, i was moved by a lesson teaching something similar to this.

  12. :) so many things to be thankful for!

  13. is the book you're talking about written by Tom Doyle?! If it is, that's my friend and the book is INCREDIBLE!

  14. love this post sweet friend! excited for our skype date soon!! sunday evening???


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