travel log: elafonissi beach, greece

Monday, November 19

where do i even begin with thee? 
seriously, polly and i had to pinch ourselves repeatedly. 
it was THAT charming. 
worked its spells on us, that's for sure! 

on our first full day in Crete,
{which by the way is an AMAZING island!}
we took our sweet little rental car 
on an adventure to elafonisi beach. 
we had heard it was absolutely stunning,
and we were not disappointed. 

after ditching our useless gps,
and enlisting the help of a man selling cigarettes,
we finally made it to the road we needed to be on. 
{which in itself was a freaking miracle!}

we curved through the quintest hilltowns,
marveling at the absolute raw and untouched splendor of the 
rugged mountains, ancient olive groves, and colorful buildings
hanging along sides of cliffs. 
honestly, we felt like we were in a movie.

two small girls, singing, laughing
and rolling through the hills of crete
with no idea where they were going. 
getting lost on an island is fun, because at some point you'll find your way back. 
that was our philosophy anyway, haha! 

we made it to the beach, and were seriously stunned at how gorgeous it was. 
turquoise warm waters,  pink sand, and hardly any tourists. 

we walked, swam, talked, and read on the beach. 
then we packed up and found a gorgeous monastery on the side of the road, so went exploring! 
it was so much fun...we were the only people there {which is quite the rarity in europe}
{besides about a million cats! yikes!!!}
and were amazed at how beautiful and old the building was. 

on our way home, we saw the sweetest old greek woman on the side of the road,
selling home made olives and olive oils. 
how in the world could you NOT stop? 
so we did, chatted it up with this sweet lady, and even bought some olives!! 

so the moral of this story is:
1) go to greece
2) rent a car and get lost
3) find a beach 
4) eat locally, yum! 

happy tuesday friends! 
love Katie 


  1. ...and you didn't take me with you, why!?? (:

  2. I want to go!!!! Everywhere you've been seems so magical! That is so special that y'all got that sister time! What a blessing! & I would love to try some of homegirls olive oil!!!!!! :)

  3. my goodness! greece is stunning. so, so beautiful.

  4. WOW! the sun is amazing! and that beach...pure awesomeness!

  5. Oh my goodness! It looks so gorgeous! I so want to go there one day...Looks like you are having an amazing time!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!

    Blessings to you!

  6. I so want to go to Greece!!! Love your pictures...reminds me of Mama Mia (wasn't that filmed there?!)

  7. girrrrrl you're living my dreams!

  8. that looks AMAZING!! I'd love to go there! and you girls are beautiful!!

  9. It all looks so gorgeous! Homemade olives?! I want some! =D

  10. Lovely pictures my dear...I'm going to dream of Greece tonight! Germany and Greece are both on my list of places to visit someday. I'll be coming to you with tips if/when I go. :)

  11. these pictures are stunning! what a fun adventure! i would love to go to greece one day! totally on my bucket list!

  12. Greece is my favorite holiday destination. My main attraction is the beaches and villas in this island.


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