thankful thursday {on Sunday, whoops!}

Sunday, November 25

"Thanks is what multiplies the JOY and makes any life LARGE, and I hunger for it"
- Ann Voskamp

this thanksgiving has been utterly beautiful.
a true miracle.

on the Sunday before thanksgiving, my life group hosted a thanksgiving dinner at my house as a love feast for all of our neighbors. Kev and I made these really awesome lame flyers with a turkey on them, inviting all our beloved friends to come and party with us to give THANKS.

and party we did {which is my opinion is worship to the Lord!}
35 people stuffed into our sweet home,
from all different backgrounds,
lifting up hands in praise to say thank you.

of course we ate delicious food,
and talked and laughed till our bellies hurt.
{and, as an epic side-note,  Kev and I made our first turkey!! whoop whoop!}

but then something rather magical happened.
i told kevin i wanted to have a time of sharing, where anyone who wanted to could say what they were thankful for this past year.
in all honestly, i thought about 3 people would share {more out of obligation from me giving them the death glare, than wanting to!}

but the holy spirit just stepped in,
and i kid you not, EVERYONE shared.
lovely hopeful chills ran down my spine, and i felt so alive to be there,
with all those people, in the midst of a holy fog of eucharisteo surrounding us.

JT was thankful for "balls, because they are bouncy"
and izze was thankful for "jame's mustache"
and I was thankful for my "handsome husband"

it was like we were lifting heavenly voices up
to the gift giver
in thanksgiving.

and i was stuck in a moment  that i'll never forget.

and when the last guests left at almost midnight,
kevin and i crawled in bed,
smiles wide,
overwhelmed with a good tired
that comes when you've spent all you've had
for the kingdom.

yes, I am thankful for Gratitude.
it warmed my home that evening.
it multiplied our JOY
and made our life LARGE.

Happy Thanksgiving!
love Katie  



  1. This looks like such a fun time! So glad I came across your blog, loving it!

  2. So amazing. The Lord has been so so good this past Thanksgiving! Glad you guys have such a beautiful memory of this past Thanksgiving now :) You look beautiful!

  3. That sounds like such a wonderful time of giving thanks! And congrats on the turkey, I have yet to attempt one!

  4. Wowow!!!! You never cease to amaze me and encourage me like crazy! You and that husband of yours are awesome! Thank you for being such an unbelievable witness to those around you and for camping out outside your comfort zone! It truly encourages me as someone abroad in ministry! I LOVE the way y'all choose to live and can't imagine how much it is furthering the Kingdom!!!!! Proud of y'all and appreciate y'all SO much!!!!! And good job on the turkey, I made my first too! :) love ya girlfriend!!

  5. What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving...and praise Jesus! That's awesome.

  6. What a filled-to-the-brim Thanksgiving! You encourage me in so many ways, friend!!!

  7. Oh my goodness this looks amazing! And like it was so much fun!

  8. Katie...this looks like an amazing time! And congrats on your first turkey. I love that you let the Spirit lead and had a time of sharing too. That's what it's all about. So sweet girlfriend!

  9. your heart makes mine smile. cannot wait to skype with you sweet girl. so encouraged by what god is going through you and kev. and this looks like a BLAST!! xox

  10. So fun!!! I wish I could have experienced that with you!

  11. I love your heart !!! It's so awesome that you are letting Jesus work through you. I nominated you for a blogger award. You can find more details on my blog :) !

  12. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post, Katie. keep shining for Jesus!


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