travel log: hattingen, germany

Monday, November 12

ahhhh, this day was glorious! 
i can't wait to share with you all the many pictures! 
{i will not hold it against you if you don't make it through to the end, haha}

i will never ever forget Fall in germany.
my goodness,
the colors were spectacular,
not to mention the leaves were nestled around castle ruins,
and picturesque trails leading to gorgeous views. 

polly, myself, and our cousins lynn and victoria had the grandest time,
throwing leaves (can you tell we were just a wee obsessed?!?!?!), 
admiring the beauty, 
and laughing hysterically. 
we even stopped for tea at an old mansion in the woods. 
{tea at an old mansion in the woods? exactly. i felt like hansel and gretel!}  

leaving the forest, we headed for the quaint town of Hattingen. 
seriously, i felt as though i were on the set of a movie! 
every home was absolutely adorable....most of them dating back to the 14th century,
and people still lived in them! 

we ate at the coziest and most german looking restaurant we could find. 
i must say, 
in the moment,
eating my brats and sauerkraut,
and drinking out of a beer stein, 
i felt more german than ever! 

and it was glorious! 
love Katie 
{sheer joy}
{our sweetest most dearest cousins}

 enjoy your week sweet ones. 
may abba be ever so near, and may JOY abound. 

love love love


  1. Oh Katie, I adore every single picture. I can see your joy in each one. And I'm in love with this quaint must have been so fun to explore there. This post makes me want to start looking for teaching jobs in Germany after I graduate... :) Much love to you!

  2. SO cool!!!!!!! I love ALL the pictures! It looks like y'all had an amazing time!!!!

  3. I loved each and every one of your photos! Fall in germany looks magical, especially with their cozy looking architecture! Your pictures always make me smile! :) Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your week as well!

  4. These are lovely and filled with sooo much joy!!! Thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us =)

  5. These pictures make me want to travel the world!!

  6. What a fun adventure!!! I get so excited to see your travels all over the world! :)

  7. Oh how I would love to see Germany. Get on those travel tips girl you are giving me the travel itch! :)

  8. You've inspired me... adding Germany to my travel list, and now I need some hot tea... because that looks so good right about now =D

  9. Fall in Germany looks/sounds PERFECT!!!!! I love all your pictures in the leaves. So fun Katie!!

  10. Wow! I really want to go to Germany now! I love all of your pictures. =)

  11. aww your travels always look SO FUN!! :)

  12. absolutely LOVE seeing these updates. you two are such cuties! I'm so happy to see you guys having a wonderful time :)
    much love,
    Jocelyn Courtney

  13. germany looks stunning. thank you for sharing sweet friend. excited about our coffee date saturday morning :)

  14. How fun! Tea, sightseeing, friends- what more could you ask for?

  15. Great post and gorgeous pictures! I just found your blog, would you like to follow each other? :) God bless! xo

  16. Gah! Two of the three most beautiful girls I know!


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