on being called...and give-a-way winners!!

Friday, March 29

It's funny how the same reason I came to this neighborhood is also the same reason pulling me out of it.

Abba's calling.  

And by calling I don't mean God called me on the phone, or mailed me a card with specific instructions, or instagramed where I should go next. 
{Lord, if only!}

people ask me all the time, "how in the world did you feel called to move into that neighborhood?" 
{because let's face it, cockroaches and gangs and graffiti aren't the answer to that question!}
And to that I say, it all starts with posture. 
 posturing our hearts so that scripture guides us.
with an attitude that says "flat out, I want what God wants"
and when I did that, 
and I read all the hundreds of verses on the poor, the oppressed, the immigrant, 
and God's great plea for us to live in solidarity with the broken,
two things occurred:
1) I felt a bit looney toons for so overlooking God's massive heart for the poor, and 
2) Figured if it was THAT important to God, then it should probably be important to me. 

and out of that posture came the building realization that I should do something, but I didn't have the slightest clue what that meant. I mean really, christians in america aren't super great at knowing how to take the phrase "love thy neighbor" literally. 

like what, do I furiously whip up some cookies and deliver them next door with a card?
have a potluck? 
volunteer one day a week at a community center? 
come on, I wanted there to be fine print in the bible on what it looked like 
to really, genuinely love the oppressed. 

so that left me with a bit of a dilemma. 
Do I risk my comfortable life, in obedience to God, to live in a way that is congruent with scripture? 
in a neighborhood that is foreign despite being in my own country?

I'm talking risk here people! 

The risk to honestly and intimately look eye to eye with the Father and just open your hands and say 
"here I am, send me. anywhere". 

The risk to surrender your heart and say
  "YOUR dreams are bigger than mine"

The risk to ultimately believe and shout 
"Not my will, but YOURS be done"

that's what it takes to live a God-adventure, a healthy dose of paradoxal living. 

but do you know what else i've found?
those risk statements seem to always follow major brokenness. 
I'll be candid {since most the time i'm lying to you. just kidding!}
only when I have been ripped and tattered raw, 
do I really hold my life loose and esteem HIS plans more. 

it's when we have nothing to lose, that we risk.
when we genuinely open those palms wide and heavenward.  

I hate that place, but I love that place. 
It's the place where calling happens. 
where our reality changes and turns and moves, 
because we let God ransom the clay of our lives to mold and use for something bigger. 
and better. 
something that twinkles the lights of the kingdom. 
a life that radiates a palpable message that screams "what i'm doing matters. for ever and ever" 

and here's the truth,
when I let God be all gettin' up in my bizness,
He brought me here, to a neighborhood of incredible people that taught me more about community that I had ever learned. 
{and this past monday night they were the ones surrounding Kev and I. 
60 of our neighbors prayed and partied and sent us off!} 

and in that place of being
postured in scripture,
  risking the unknown,
broken and bruised,

HE called me. 
into a life of 
and purpose,
and adventure,
and craziness,
and meaning. 

a life that was counter culture, 
but heaven ordained. 

and guess what. 
This calling business, it never stops. 

So now on Sunday, Easter Sunday, Kevin and I are stepping into a new calling in Asia. 
and while it's crazy WHOA intimidating,
we leave with the knowledge that we have been called. 
And there is so much peace in that! 

So dearest readers,
go and posture your heart in scripture
and risk the unknown
 and embrace brokenness,
because it might just lead you to abundance in the kingdom of god. 

love Katie 

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Happy weekend:) 


  1. This is simply beautiful!! It was incredibly challenging and encouraging... especially as I think about the concept of brokenness and risk. Thank you so much for posting!! Praying praying praying as y'all leave on Sunday! Will you be able to update? Either way my prayers are with y'all
    :) rebecca

  2. You both are so brave and beautiful for following His voice. I know your life is most likely feeling crazy and upside down right now- with a lot of things being unknown. I am going to be praying for both of you as you make this transition. The Lord is with you, and he will cover you in this move. And like I said, if you want a pen pal I'm game:)

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts! So beautiful! Thank you for being open and honest about your feelings as well as your calling! I can't believe the time has come! We will be praying for you, especially because I know what you're going through!

    At not to copy cat Meghan :) but I would LOVE to write with you as well! You can never have too many Pen Pals!

    Blessings friend! Oh and I will email you about shirts. Both my husband and I want one :)

  4. I can't WAIT to hear about everything over there! And how perfect is it that you leave on Easter????

    Will be praying for y'all!


  5. Katie, I'm so excited for you and Kevin! God is going to use you in amazing ways!

  6. This is amazing :) I'm so happy for you guys! Being called is definitely hard, but you have done a wonderful job. I think the fact that 60 (wow--60?!?) of your neighbors came out to pray for you both, shows just how greatly your love affected them. The results of God's incredible calling are priceless gifts! You and Kevin will be in my thoughts and prayers this weekend as you embark on a new chapter :) Take care, lovely!

    grace & love,

  7. This:

    "HE called me.
    into a life of
    and purpose,
    and adventure,
    and craziness,
    and meaning.

    a life that was counter culture,
    but heaven ordained."

    ...thank you. Such a sweet truth!

  8. it's crazy how when we take a risk, we usually step into a war in our lives.

    I've found that the closer you get to God, the more the devil wars with you, because he wants to get you as far from God as possible. It's hard but the reward is SO worth it.

    I loved this post, Katie!

    I'm so proud of you and I love reading your blog and looking at where your life is at in the moment, because I know it's always going somewhere!

    happy easter!

  9. Hello my dear! I SO enjoyed reading this post and seeing pictures of your friends, family, and neighbors praying over you. I was there in spirit, girl! :) I'm so bummed that we didn't get to talk before you left!!! I'm praying for you and Kev! God is going to stretch and use you both in crazy, amazing ways!!!! Love you!

  10. Bless you, bless you, bless you!

  11. you are definitely living the meaning of surrendering everything and letting yourself be used by God. the pictures of your neighbors praying over you moved me to tears. it's so amazing what God can do when we allow Him to move without boundaries. I can't wait to read about God's plans for you in Asia!

  12. Katie,

    I'm so excited for you and this new adventure that God has called you to. I've been praying for you this week knowing that you would be travelling and settling down. I know God has big plans to use you in Nepal and I can't wait to hear the stories you will have to share.

    Always praying for you,


  13. You are so beautiful Katie, inside and out. I'm so grateful for this reminder today. Coming back to Moose Factory after a month long vacation has been a little tough, but I have been called here and of that I am SURE. I'm with you, the stretching and growing times are SO HARD, and you ALMOST don't want them, but they end up being the sweetest times, and I know the Lord is working that in me right now! Love you, girlfriend. So proud of you.

  14. wow!! thank you for listening and responding to His call!! Wishing you blessings all around you.

  15. I wanted to let you know that I got the shirts!! And I hope you guys had a smooth time of traveling and are settling down and everything's going the way it should!

  16. Wow - yes!!! That beautiful/scary/wonderful surrender to say "yes Lord" whatever that looks like - oh if more of us would be willing - the changes we could help The Lord make in this world!!!

    Many many blessings!!!

  17. this is so beautiful! i am praying for you sweet girl! you have such an amazing heart for Jesus!!


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