i remember...the one month count-down.

Friday, March 1

  Today in fact marks a month before we move to Asia. 
it's a tad surreal, and I feel almost as though it's not happening. 
as if "i'm moving to asia" is even like a normal sentence to say. 

Yesterday I sat in my living room on the couch, reading and journaling. It was all very normal until all of a sudden it hit me that i'm counting my last days in this beloved janky apartment God has given us this past year. 

{interject katie's teary face.} 

the memories are gifts I will carry with me forever. 
momentos of monday night college bible studies with tea and coffee and laughter.
wednesday night life groups with hugs and tears and worship and depth. 

afternoons filled with playing and dancing and reading and cooking with our little neighbors whom we adore. 
mornings with tea and blankets cuddled on the couch with Abba. 

the most lovely and simple realization came warmly to rest upon my heart. 
that life is community that is lived in the cracks and crannies of our day. 
rarely do I remember anything else but the community, and hardly does anything impact me as deeply. 

i don't remember the days I wasted on facebook, and if I do i'm quite sad they stole precious minutes. 
i don't remember the naps I took or the outfits that took ages to put together. 

but i remember dancing to gangam style with two little boys who had definite swag.

i remember hosting a ghetto vbs on our front porch.

i remember when i almost burned the apartment down cooking a thanksgiving dinner for our neighbors.

i remember Kevin holding me in his arms on the couch when I cried
{which was, ummmm, a lot}
and i remember Abba's sweet whispering that i am loved and forgiven while sitting in my green chair. 

very little of my memory holds space for anything else but kingdom work. 
because what is LIFE if we're not ALIVE in Abba's will? 
if we're not living and loving and doing all that we can 
to bring heaven's delights to earth's crumbles?

So as I close this chapter of my life, I do not regret the giving
the giving of our home, our time, our life and our hearts. 

we didn't do it perfectly, 
Lord knows we failed 
and sometimes we just locked the door and hid when the kids rang the doorbell a million times. 

but in our experiment of giving so that community could thrive,
we won. 

God's gift to us came in the breaking down of our individualistic tendencies. 
painful at times when all we wanted to do was ignore everyone and watch Downton Abbey.
But the breaking happened 
so that His love seeds could scatter further and longer.

I learned that community is the soil in which those love seeds are planted.
We can't plant seeds if we're a hermit. just a newsflash. 

and even though I cry about leaving behind my little babies in the neighborhood,
I don't have to worry, because the seeds are sown,
and Abba's the one who will water and grow them anyway.
so my babies are in good hands. 

and that's what i remember.
the community.
the giving.
the love seeds.

and the God who cares enough about all of it to shower down grace.
wherever we may go. 

and that gives me great joy as we move. 
because we can't move anywhere out of Abba's realm.
thank God. 

love Katie 


  1. Katie, this is a beautiful post. While it is sad to leave one community, you are about to be blessed by a whole new community and they are about to be blessed by you. Perhaps in the meantime I can move over to your community and take your place? They look liek fun ;) xx

  2. this is beautiful! you are such a witness and light to this community and you will do the same wherever you go. I'm sure it is hard to leave, but you have left such an impression and memory with those people. You are an example of Christ and am so encouraged by you and what you guys are doing!

  3. katie, what a lovely revelation. community and love are so important and it's obvious that you certainly did plant a seed for God's love to grow in this area. what a wonderful gift for both you and them! i know God has great things in store for you in Asia as well :) so happy and excited for you!

    grace & love,

  4. Amazing! What a beautiful and (as always) heartfelt post. Thank you.
    I go to eastern India, just below Nepal on Thursday for 11 days, although its not long it is the first time I've done something like this without by husband. Eep. Hello learning to rely and depend on Jesus.

    Keep up the kingdom living!
    Esther x

  5. wow one more month!! It will be here before you know it though it may seem like so long to go.
    You know. . that gangnam style song has some naughty lyrics when translated. . I don't know if it would be appropriate for anyone to sing. I have seen youth groups do the dance for fun, but they don't understand what the song is saying and make it seem like it is okay. Just food for thought. Here's a link to explain. http://www.franchiseherald.com/articles/2470/20120919/gangnam-style-lyrics-english-what-hit-korean.htm


  6. I love this. I'll be praying for you, my dear. Thank you for loving the Lord the way you do - it's beautiful.

  7. Sweet Katie, what a beautiful post & beautiful memories! You will carry those forever. I know a wonderful adventure awaits you in Asia! Feel free to stay in touch :) (You've got my email!) on those days when you need a little extra encouragement about your new life! Been there, done that! It's not always easy, but He never said it would be. But I know it will be more wonderful that you could ever imagine!

    Enjoy your last month! Make new memories to take with you! and embrace the journey!

  8. This brought tears to my eyes Katie! You guys are so inspiring! Can't wait to see what God does in your next home :)

  9. one month to make so much more memories! i love to read all the things you have done while you've been there. God moves in such incredible ways, i'm sure there is so much awaiting for you in asia. it is a bittersweet transition i'm sure.

  10. This post almost had me in tears so I can't imagine how much of a mess you were writing it, but thankfully (like you said) you have spread the seeds and God will take care of those people you love and have invested so much in! You are moving to Asia!

  11. You were so blessed to have been in such an amazing community! I'm sure God is going to use that in your time in Asia.

  12. Holy cow. I got the chills that whole time. You are an amazing person. I hope you're aware of that. Change is rough but I'm so excited what life brings you next. Thank you so much for posting such amazing words.


  13. Enjoy this last month as you prepare for your next adventure! so excited for y'all! xoxoxoxoxo

  14. Beautiful! What an adventure you're about to go on! :)

  15. Friend, this is so so so sweet! I'm excited for you in this new chapter and adventure in your life! I know God will use it so perfectly well. You will always have those precious memories to hold onto :)

  16. Oh gosh, I hope this isn't creepy. Katie, I found your blog via the Nato's and in your comment you said you had a sugar free recipe for an apple crisp? I'm a sugar addict too and when I saw your comment i thought - yessss I need that asap!! Would it be too weird to send that to me? And wow, Asia! What a neat experience that will be! Congrats on the big move!

  17. So much excitement and looking forward to your new adventures, Katie!

  18. Oh, Katie. You are such an inspiration. I just want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you. And I've been praying for you two and all God will to through you in Asia!!

    By the way, the sentence about your janky apartment cracked me up. Let's just say I can relate ;)

    Love you, girl!

  19. beautiful memories sweetie!! I'm so grateful for memories. God gave us such a gift! I will be thinking and praying for you in the coming days. xo, Emily

  20. Goodness... it's been so long since I've kept up with any blogs and I came to yours today... and it's just as good and timely as any other visit. Thank you for always sharing so openly! I love that about you and this place of yours!! :) What beautiful memories... my prayer is that I'd be able to say the same!

  21. thank you for this, katie. it's a real blessing to me as well as we're looking to move... love you!

  22. i'm so behind on my blog readings and didn't know you were moving! say what??
    you have such a wonderful heart.. you are such an inspiration.
    and your post literally moved me to tears.
    i need to start spreading some more love seeds of my own!

  23. ' I do not regret the giving.' Amen. New to your blog but so excited I found it!

  24. This is such and exciting time, but I can only imagine how hard the leaving must be. However, I can't help but read your line, "I'm moving to Asia" and wish I were saying it. Maybe someday that'll be true for us. We'll just have to wait and be ready for whatever God has planned.

  25. I remember that last month before moving to another continent! It can be very stressful. But it's all part of a process that makes the change easier, I think. When we moved back, since we took very little, it was so sudden. We lived in a furnished apartment so we just have 6 suitcases. We woke at 5am and just walked out. Out of our house, out of our whole life there. I'm certain that's why being back in the US felt so strange for so long. Savor the last moments because they are part of a natural separation.


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