Friday, March 8

photo of me by the lovely amanda estrada

"solitude begins with a time and place for God, and him alone.
If we really believe not only that God exists,
but that he is actively present in our live
-healing, teaching and guiding-
we need to set aside time and space
to give him our undivided attention"
-henri nouwen
 but where can I find this solitude I sometimes wonder?
i think of oxford, one of the most idyllic places i have travelled. 
i picture myself sitting on rolling green hills, the horizon dotted with streams and cottages. 
sheep baaing in the distance. 
but then i hear the garbage truck outside my window and my house literally shakes because my neighbor is a little too into his mariachi music, 
and i realize I won't always be in a thomas kinkade painting. 
in fact, most of the time we'll be in something closer resembling a circus.  

"go into your room" Jesus says "close your door and pray to your Father, who is unseen"

There is a meeting place-
a time and a place where we can meet with God and hear His thoughts and He can hear ours, 
a time for the two of us where He can have our full attention and we can have His.
Solitude is where we are least alone and where our deepest loneliness can be relieved. 
It's a healing place where God can repair the damage done by the noise and pressure of the world.
-david roper 

"The more you visit it," Thomas a kempis said "the more you will want to return. "

i really believe we can make a special meeting place with the Lord. 
to curl up and just be. 
since i'm all about free-ness, i found a free green chair on the side of the road 
and claimed it as my prayer chair. 
i light candles, make tea, and just sit. 

but no matter how you do it, do it. 
we must be desperate for solitude, 
because without it, 
we lose our ability to hear from the king.

sit at his feet. 
let him feed you.
that is the place to be. 

photo of me by the lovely amanda estrada


  1. I love this post so much. And you are so adorable...your space to "just be" looks perfect. :) Thanks for this reminder Katie...solitude isn't about the place we are in, but who we are with!

  2. You are so beautiful.
    I love this post. I'm so glad you shared it.

  3. so true. solitude can be found anywhere, it's just important that it happens. thank you for sharing this! have a wonderful friday, friend :)

    grace & love,

  4. i love, love this post katie. what better way to write about the importance of being in intimacy with Him. my soul has been aching for it, as i have neglected it a bit this week. amazing how our soul does really cry out for His presence!

  5. i LOVE this. i''m reading a book called "simple devotion" and just read the chapters on prayer, and how Jesus tells us to pray. we've got to want to spend time with just God. no phones, no distractions, because that's the only way we'll hear from Him. such a beautiful post!

  6. Can totally relate to this post! Praying for you in these days, sweet girl!

  7. love this post katie! solitude is so hard to find at times, and i put pressure on myself to find the most perfect spot. and then there's those distractions! so thank you sweet friend for the encouragement! and oh how important is it to find time with Him and Him alone. love u! xox

  8. Beautiful post Katie! Drank in every word =) And can I just say, your photography just keeps getting better and better!

  9. I absolutely LOVE this post. It is so beautiful!!!

  10. Aw, love these lines, "and i realize I won't always be in a thomas kinkade painting.
    in fact, most of the time we'll be in something closer resembling a circus."

    Thanks, girl!

  11. I'm not wonderful at having times of solitude. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is!

  12. ahhh love the idea of having a prayer chair! love this post. and those cute lil mugs :D

  13. This was such a calming post to read. Thanks for the reminder to slow down a bit and take time for God. Also- I LOVE your bedspread! Where did you get it from? Beautiful pictures, I love the colors, and the bright light in your photos.

  14. This is something I struggle with more often than I'd like to admit, but as usual, you are inspiring! Thank you for writing this! And oh my goodness your room is so cute! xo

  15. OH I love this! You're so beautiful inside and out! Thank you for sharing a part of yourself!

  16. I am pretty sure I need to devote some time to just sit wit Him and just listen. I can talk a lot most of the time.
    Your chair is awesome!

  17. I love this Katie. Solitude is definitely harder to come by with a little one running around but that means I treasure that time even more. Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. Just seeing these photos made me feel relaxed. What a great space!

  19. Oh, this post spoke straight to my heart and soul! I have been struggling with accepting my quiet times and times when I feel like God's telling me to wait and just embrace solitude. That quote by David Roper really got me! What a wonderful reminder that God fulfills us and removes our loneliness! :)

  20. Thanks for the info on the bedspread!! I may have to use some of my birthday cash to treat myself to that set. I love it!!!

  21. yes. okay.

    1. love your outfit and your bedroom. YOU.ARE.ADORABLE!

    2. rest and time with Jesus. SO important. i love how you write about it.

    "sit at his feet.
    let him feed you.
    that is the place to be. "

    YES & YES

  22. Yes and yes. (I'm new here via a link on Kiki's blog and so glad to have popped by here.)
    p.s. I'm currently rereading (for the fourth time!) Paul Miller's book, 'A Praying Life'. Have you ever heard of it? It changed my life. So thankful for his writing. And for prayer!

  23. cute outfit!

  24. Sooo much gorgeous Anthropologie goodness!

  25. This is such a great reminder! Thank you for sharing this!

  26. AMEN. He's been reminding me of the importance of this just this week! Those intimate mornings with Him are my favorite times!! Tea, Jesus, my Bible and journal... <3


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