be brave: amanda

Sunday, February 24

Recently my lovely friend Amanda asked what inspires me.
without hesitating, I said "brave people"
people who follow their dreams. 
who just go for it,
and dream big. 

those are the people and the stories that bring me to tears,
because despite the odds,
they are so so brave and courageous. 

Amanda is one of those people. 
last year she and her dad had the brave idea to open up a skincare store,
with products that are natural and free of any chemicals or harmful substances. 
it's called Taylor Stone. 

as someone who tries to live clean and green, 
i've been so so thankful for amanda and her honest genuine products. 

not only are the products great, but the heart behind the store and concept blow me away. 
amanda wrote the most inspiring manifesto. so inspiring in fact, that it's taped to my bathroom wall. 

because i need to hear it. and so do you.  
see it here. 

 {is she not just the cutest thing ever?}
                i wanted you to get to know Amanda's heart even more, so I asked her the following...

tell me who you are in a nutshell:
wife, food lover, writer, photo taker, explorer, Jesus follower (More on my blog ;) 

what is the heartbeat behind Taylor Stone, and how did you start? 
Taylor Stone is the brain child of my dad but the birth of my imagination. I came on to help my dad give the company it's story, it's look and feel, it's reason for people to love it. I wrote a statement of sorts, encouraging women to value themselves and describing beauty not as what you look like but who you are. The beauty industry is shallow, so many skincare and makeup companies promote this image of perfection that is unattainable. And in my opinion, unattractive. At Taylor Stone we don't sell face wash to make you "flawless" and we don't sell foundation so you can "cover up. " It's simple: a good face wash is going to help your skin be healthy, and makeup, well, I like to think of makeup as paint and your face is the canvas- so create! The problem comes when we believe these things make us beautiful- that's the lie- we are already beautiful! We were designed to be beautiful creations and all unique! To wrap it up, I see Taylor Stone as a movement more than a company.

in what way did stepping out to start Taylor Stone take courage? 
I really didn't know what I was signing on for when I agreed to help my dad with Taylor Stone. Back then it was just us in the back of our house hammering out ideas. I had no idea what it took to start a business, let alone, grow and run one. It takes tremendous courage to follow your dreams. So often we let roadblocks stop us and when opposition comes, we give up. It takes courage not to quit on yourself. To believe past the doubts and fear, that you can do this. It took me a long time to recognize that if there isnt opposition, I must not be doing anything worthwhile. Opposition and Success go hand in hand. There will be plenty of people telling you not to follow your dreams, so don't join them. Be kind to yourself and understand nothing great is built over night. It takes time. Grueling, back breaking, time but the hope is that someday it won't be so hard and you won't need to work so hard at it. Someday it will just Be.

thank you beautiful amanda:) 

so follow your dreams this week dears ones! 
and don't forget to get to know amanda more on her blog,
{you can also read a little interview she did with me} 

love Katie 


  1. thank you for your beautiful words friend. love you!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. It is so inspiring to hear about people stepping out and taking risks with things they are passionate about. :-)

  3. So beautiful and inspiring :) and she has a FABULOUS name ;)

  4. She is beautiful, as are your words. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. what a great interview! and I agree with you, brave people always inspire me, and make taking a leap of faith look so much easier.

  6. brave people ARE so inspiring. and how sweet! starting a business with her daddy? how special.

    i hope you have a great day!


  7. so awesome- love her courage! i would love to do something like that one day.

    so i nominated you for a little something... no pressure to participate, but its here if you want to check it out :)

  8. it takes tons of courage to step out, wish she could share some of her courage onto me!!

  9. Oh Katie, no wonder you love her so! She is such an inspiration. Thank you for introducing her to is! Love, Bethany


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