a house full of love

Friday, February 1

"a home is a house full of love" 

Tonight after a long and lovely day in the glorious sunshine, Kevin and I collapsed on the couch and snuggled up. 

February already! I can't believe it. 
looking around, I started noticing how many signs of love are strewn across the house, 
and my heart radiated. 
love is what makes a home. 

and of course not just love items,
but real.live.love. 
that we give each other, 
and we pray we give those around us. 

here is a glimpse from our home the last few days....
{our fridge}
 {cd from the vbs we held at our house this summer}
 {handcrafted heart made in thailand}
{jeremiah 31:3 "I have loved you with an everlasting love: I have drawn you with unfailing kindness"}
 {engagement picture in a field of flowers}
 {tribute to my swedish heritage...otherwise known as a straw heart from ikea}
{cuddling love}
{lovebirds and my parents on their engagement, 31 years ago!}
 {love banner, and peace dove}
 {last night our life group hosted a mini-vbs for the kids in our neighborhood. We played games, shared the story of Jesus and Peter walking on water, complete with a sweet skit, sang songs, and shared dreams! it was beautiful...so much love filling our home.}
 {when i saw one of the kids today, he ran up to me with a huge hug, and said "katie! i had so much fun last night! so.priceless.}
 {small groups and sharing dreams}
{cuddle time}

may our homes ever be FULL,
sweet love. 

happy february sweet dearest friends! 

love katie 


  1. I definitely believe that you guys have a home overflowing with love--it must be an awesome place to be for all of your guests! And aren't all those evenings spent cuddling with the husband so perfectly sweet?

  2. oh so sweet! ps- your fridge looks so nice and full. I've gotta get on that- ours is sadly sparse.

  3. LOVE the globe with words written across it!

  4. AWWWH! i LOVE this post. so....lovable. ;)


  5. Such a very palpable love alive and glowing in your home =) So very evident that you strive to give and shown love to one another, and to so many others, daily. You are an inspiration girly =) Happy Friday!!

  6. such good pix of wednesday night! especially the one where jenna is laughing on the couch :) looooove.

  7. so much love!! Your home seems so cozy, especially when it is full of people. beautiful photos!

  8. I love you guys and the way that you show Christ's love through your home and lives!!

  9. Happy February to you too! This is a heart-melting post indeed =D

  10. Absolutely loved reading through this. Fabulous pictures as well—they definitely portrayed the love ;)

  11. I does look like you have a house brimming with LOVE!!! This is wonderful and also so nice of you to have Nate join your home! What wonderful and welcoming people sharing Christ's love for others!



  12. I'm in love with your pictures.
    A house full of love, friends, and family. What a blessing that is!
    Keep on rocking Katie!

  13. I have never seen a group of people pour out love as freely as you guys do. We seriously talk about you guys at missional community (house church) often and so desire to have your hearts. It is so beautiful and compelling. Thank you. Love, Anna


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