travel log: dublin, ireland

Wednesday, January 30

well, I took a hiatus from sharing UK pictures from our trip this past spring. 
however, i still have soooo much to share, so here we go:) 

when kevin and i strolled into dublin via bus (from galway),
it was unfortunately pouring buckets of rain! 
and it didn't let up. 
fortunately, it was the only full days of rain we had on our entire trip 
{which if you know the UK, you know that's quite the miracle, so were were not complaining}

the wonderful thing about Dublin is that there is a LOT to do inside:) 

the first night we were there, we went to the BEST dinner experience
called "food, folklore, and fairies".
if you're picturing a little man singing and dancing and telling stories...
you're right! 
{and it was amazing!}
you show up to the oldest pub in dublin called the Brazen Head
and are ushered upstairs to this beautiful old room with a fireplace. 
the host spends the night sharing the history of ireland through stories, irish folksongs, and irish dancing. 
kevin even volunteered me to dance a shining moment! haha. not! 

the next day we bought tickets on one of those "hop on, hop off" buses. we usually prefer to walk cities, but with the rain the bus was our best friend in keeping us dry! 

we checked out the Guiness Factory, where they've been brewing beer for hundreds of years. Even though I couldn't drink the beer (i'm allergic to wheat), I really enjoyed the museum! At the top of the museum there is a 360 view of the city where they give you a free pint of beer to enjoy. 

we also took a tour of the infamous jail. Amazing. So much Irish history on the tour!

we also stayed in the most beautiful guesthouse with a massive room! Kevin and I enjoyed our room so much, that after the end of a soggy wet day of trekking the city, we ended the night snuggling up in our bed and watching downton abbey on our kindle. perfection. 

enjoy dublin! 
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  1. what a lovely place! it sounds like an amazing trip.

  2. Ireland is definitely high on my list of places to visit, lovely places and your hotel room looks lovely!

  3. These photos are so lovely!!! What a wonderful trip...your evening of snuggling up and watching Downton sounds like the perfect little moment of rest and companionship =)

  4. these pictures are amazing! it looks like such a great time and i'm glad you are back to sharing! can't wait to skype! xox

  5. How amazing! I can't wait to go there someday! xxoo

  6. So cool!! Sounds charming, and the whole cuddling and watching Downton Abbey thing makes it all that much better! :)

  7. I would love to go to IRELAND! It looks like you made the most of your trip. I love the bagpipes and how authentic the pubs look!

  8. We went to Brazen Head too-- loved the music at night! Your hotel looks adorable :)

  9. I love all these photos!!! I've also been to many of these places in Ireland and would love to go back! You definitively did a great job making your way around. So much fun!!! Can't wait for more travel posts!!!

  10. loving the photos! I went to the Guinness factory in Dublin! My highlight there!! I spent most of my time in Northern Ireland when I went there last!

  11. LOVED this! OK, so I'm planning to take this big trip to the UK here in a couple of years and am starting to save up, and I'd love to know where you suggest I go while there... because clearly you've got amazing tips on traveling! =D

  12. You have shared a great post which describes the actual beauty of Ireland. Specially about the Dublin city and it’s Guinness brewery.

  13. Oh, this brings back memories! I was in Dublin in May 2011. I recognize a lot of the places in your images from my own visit. The jail tour made me so sad... a little sick to my stomach, too. Such a heavy history, but so worth learning!

  14. that bridge with the locks on it.
    We were interviewed for a local station to get a "tourists opinion of the love locks" hahaha i couldn't believe it!
    these pictures are lovely!


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