the anticipation of home

Monday, January 21

“The sweetness of reunion is the joy of heaven.” 
-Richard Paul Evans

Today my sweet dearest comes back to me from the kingdom of Nepal.
 He will smell like smoke and curry and many unpleasantries. 
Eyes tired from a long journey. 
from dancing and praising God with a movement of believers,
from speaking at a conference where pastors are empowered,
from sleeping on the ground, and braving the cold weather. 
But I will ever love him for that. 
For spending his life on what counts in the world. 

Hands fidget, tap, in excitement. 
nerves on end, heart racing. 

no more nights solo, a small frame practically swimming alone in our big bed. 
no more inside jokes lost to the wind. 

yes, he is coming. 
i am coming. 

yes home. 

since married, my concept of home has significantly shifted. 
i pondered and reflected this as he was gone. 
home is not northern california where i grew up. 
nor our apartment in southern california where we live now. 

home is Kevin. 
home is our love, nestled deep within our shared heart. 
our shared dream. 
our shared hopes. 

and in some small way, the JOY of heaven rains downs when we reunite today. 
the anticipation for something not yet here. 
the swelling, heart full, of love becoming fully realized. 
the ache manifested in the reuniting. 
the LOVE becoming absolutely realized. 

but ever more true is that home home
is with Abba. 
who beckons us to shiver sweet in anticipation for home with the King. 
the reunion that will be JOY, heaven's sweet JOY. 
the angels sing, and we meet our ultimate Lover. 
King Jesus. 
and home will be peace. 
only peace. 
no tears. no hurt. no shame. no wounds. 
just sheer, incredible JOY and PEACE. 

For God, Love, is truly home. 
And that is something worth getting excited about. 

so tomorrow i taste a small flavor of the glorious divine to come. 
and i cannot thank God enough for this flash of heaven. 
i'm getting ready. 

tomorrow with Kevin
and for eternity with the King

happy week to you dearest readers. 
love Katie 


  1. So sweet Katie!! I'm so glad you will be reunited tomorrow!

  2. So beautiful and true! I'm so excited for y'all! Y'all are such a phenomenal example to other married couples!!!

  3. Your description of home sounds very lovely. I'm glad that you'll be able to share inside jokes again and not swim alone in bed. hahaha, that was a funny description. Hope you two have a wonderful day ahead of you :)

  4. yaaaay. being married is the best. :) love having a tangible representation of home to live life with every day. so blessed.

  5. LOVE this!!! Yayy for your honey coming home!!! I know all too well what that feeling is like, I'm sure he is going to have so much to share with you as well, I always love the story swapping after time away.

    PS. We've booked a two week long road trip in Cali so it's official :) We'll be driving the coast from San Fran to San Diego starting in September! Maybe just maybe we can make our paths cross!

    Have a lovely week gal!

  6. beautiful writing, and I am so glad he is coming home. I hope your reunion is sweet :)

  7. I'm sorry I didn't call you back last week! It's been snowing ALL day today - it's so pretty and makes me so thankful for mugs of tea and indoor heat. Can I try to call Thurs or Fri? Enjoy being back in your hubby's arms!

  8. I am moved beyond words Katie! This is so true and so beautiful. I can't wait to experience a little more of this when I get married :) Enjoy this homecoming with your hubby!

  9. Beautifully written, Katie!! Thank you for this sweet picture and taste of heaven. Isn't the Lord so gracious to give us a glimpse in marriage?!

  10. Hurray for him coming home! I don't think I've quite yet settled into accepting that home is where my husband is--I need to work on that, still. I miss my old home and my family too much.
    But heaven--where we'll all be together and our Father will be there--that's definitely a home where we can all be content.

  11. Aw, this is the sweetest post! So happy he is coming home!

  12. I love this! The longest Jared and I have been apart from each other since we got married is for a week. Glad you get to spend some time with your guy again!

  13. Totally feel the same way about my Hubby!! :)

  14. this definitely makes me think! I'm going to be marrying the love of my life and I have thought that home will be wherever we live. But your words definitely bring more depth than just a physical place!

  15. Very true! I used to be able to always fall asleep all by myself in my own room... now I find it hard go to bed without my man taking up all my space :)

    home is where the heart is ;)

    so glad your man is coming home!

  16. so glad you get to be reunited with your love soon! being apart is so hard i know... i die after only a day-ridiculous :) i can totally relate to "home" being with my husband!

  17. yay! yay! yay! i hope he has a safe and blessed trip home. :)


  18. love this :)

    You're so sweet and your heart is so beautiful.
    I'm so excited for you!!

  19. Beautiful post! Hapy dance for you!

  20. beautiful post!! hope you are enjoying kevin being HOME!


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