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Thursday, January 10

this past july i unexpectedly had some time off, and since Kev had to work, I decided last minute to drive up to northern california to visit my family. 

that's 8 hours of driving people and you haven't even left the state!! it seems as though on the east coast you drive through about 6 states in 8 hours! haha! 

i digress. 

my mom i and spent a few glorious days crafting. it was delightful. my mother is pretty much the queen of being able to copy any picture I give her. 

pinterest + my mom = lucky me. 

it just so happens that next week I'm flying up to visit my family for a few days, since my husband has LEFT me alone for 2 weeks! traveled to do God's work in Nepal:) 

so...on this trip I expect there will more many more crafting parties in store. but for is a little snippet of some of the fun projects we worked on in july! enjoy! 

{i wanted something to fill the empty space above my bed, so we decided to do a collage of sorts!} 
{i had seen these hoops on pinterest and loved them. i fell in love with this quote, but truly, my relationship with kevin has been an adventure since day 1!} 
 {this picture was the easiest thing to make. i ripped out a music sheet from my old piano books, stenciled these words with a sharpie, and spray painted a hideous wood frame teal. I love how it turned out!}
{the picture in the top left with the hearts came from my own imagination. we took another hideous frame and spray painted it. my mom lined the back with this cute fabric, and then we cut hearts out of burlap and sewed them on the fabric. easy peasy!}
 {another pinterest inspiration that my mom whipped up in minutes using fabric she found off an old shower curtain from a yard sale, and a pretty lace doily. viola!} 
 {i saw this globe and filled the expanse with hope. it sits in my room and i adore the inspiration it offers, that truly we can be ambassadors of peace to this world!}
 {i love my daddy}
 {mom and i hard at work sewing the hoops!} 

our Lord is the creator, and we are made in his image. 
therefore we too are made to create! 

wishing you lots of inspiration this weekend! i'm off to help a dear friend paint her dresser! 

love Katie 


  1. katie these are all gorgeous!! the globe is my favorite! LOVE :)

  2. you did so good! i love it all! I love pinterest!! Have a great time visiting your family!!

  3. Oh gosh I love this style! Quaint and shabby chic. :)

  4. Oh Katie I love that globe!! What a fun craft day!

  5. love all of this stuff, so cute!

  6. Love this! (especially the adventure one) (and the doily pillow)

  7. May you please come make these for me?!?!

  8. I stumbled across your blog this morning & LOVE IT. Your love for Christ & others looks so real & vibrant- the perfect picture of what He calls us to be :) will definitely be following along as I dive back into the blogging works after a little break!

  9. OooO! I loved getting to see your crafty/diy side! =D

  10. WOW! ok you have given me such inspiration for our own bedroom!! =) I LOVE the colors you chose and how you arranged everything =)
    So glad I found your blog today friend!
    You have a beautiful heart and I cant wait to get to know you better =)
    Much Love,

  11. Oh my goodness, Katie! I LOVE all of this. And I seriously gasped when I saw the sing for joy picture. I hope you don't mind if I steal that idea!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of this! Your room is just too cute!!! You're just so precious I can't handle it!!

  13. Those colors in your room are fantastic!! I totally haven't done any decorating in our bedroom but you have definitely given me some inspiration!

  14. Beautiful! I *love* your shabby/chic decorating style! Gosh I can't wait till I have a home of my own to decorate. <3

  15. you are truly making your house a home... LOVE IT!


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