my grace moments

Monday, January 7

On new years eve I did something I had never done.
I made my first purchase at the Mexican Food Truck  that permanently sits on our street and is run by my neighbors.
impressive, eh? 

the truck's been there for a while, 
but since my diet doesn't consist of hot cheetos or takis.
or mexican candy.
or chips.
i've never thought twice about being transactional at the truck.
call me crazy, i know. 

then new years eve i decided it was time to shake things up, and walked down to said truck. 

i was in sweatpants, with my pants tucked into my socks.
lookin' all classy like that.
i said hello to everyone, paid for my lime (and you thought i'd be buying takis),
 and began walking home.
i passed neighbors windows, looking in to see beloved faces i'd come to cherish this past year.

as I skipped back to my house, i had this overwhelming and exhilarating feeling that the Lord had given me some special moments this past year. . 

those small spaces, stopped in time, where the joy is palpable, and you want to wrap up in it like a fluffy blanket and never let go of the tenderness between you and the Father. like he just gave you a gift. 

well...cause he did. 

i call them grace-filled moments.
accepting that ALL is a gift.
from a Father that loves,
because that's his nature.

here are a few of my favorite grace moments this year {in no particular order. which really just means i'm too lazy to organize them}.

spending 4 amazing days on the island of crete in greece with my bay sister. there was a second that went by that i didn't want to pinch myself and ask if it was real! here and here

spending 10 days in alaska with my family. oh man, it was so naturally stunning! 

 seeing two sweet girls from the hood get baptized and give their lives over to the Lord. here
 living my DREAM and going to the Sound of Music sing-a-long at the Hollywood bowl! and just to reiterate the SOM nerd in me, my brother in law gave me the SOM collectors edition that came with behind the scenes footage, original postcards from the film, and a music box that plays "my favorite things"! haha here 
 my lifegroup and the weekend we spent at LG retreat. so epic and fun! 
 spending 5 days at home with my family in july. sooooooo refreshing!
 spending 4 days in germany with my sister. we.had.a.ball.  
 shooting my first wedding for our beloved neighbors. and being asked by them if we would be the godparents to their little Lili. 
 spending a 4 day weekend in Tahoe with my best friend and her husband. seriously life giving! 
 england.scotland.ireland. 3 weeks with my best friend. EPIC! 
london, oxford, dingle 1 and dingle 2 (and hopefully more posts to come!) 
 hosting VBS with my lifegroup at our house for the neighborhood kids. one of the most fun (and exhausting!) weeks of the year!! 
 spending Christmas time with these crazies. 
 meeting my birthday twin Chels this year. here
 meeting some of my very best girlfriends this year through church. here
 getting to love on the kids in our neighborhood almost daily. love them and thank God for putting us where we are! here
 spending lovely time with my lovely grandparents. so thankful for them! they told Kevin and I that they pray for us daily. 
 adventuring with my best friend and love of my life. 
 catalina island for kev's birthday. it was such a magical and misty weekend on the island:) 
 singing karaoke with my 2 sisters on the cruise to Alaska. love my sisters. 

there are so many more. but I am sure thankful. Here's to 2013 and many more ways the Father chooses to gift us with grace moments! 

love Katie 


  1. Everything about this makes me smile. You're the best, Katie, Be sure you know that!

  2. you had an amazing year! so much fun and awesome blessings!

  3. what a beautiful year with beautiful memories!! i am learning how to see everything as grace this year.

  4. sounds like an amazing year! hope 2013 is even better!

  5. Yay! It seems like you live such a wonderful life, constantly seeking to glorify God and bring others into His presence!! :)

  6. I love this post! So many amazing trips and lives touched! And I need more details about the Sound of Music sing a long!! How have I not heard of this before?

  7. You capture the beauty of a moment perfectly with your words. Lovely!

  8. how sweet are these memories! thanks for sharing!

    we MUST skype soon! k? K!

  9. Great tutorial! Applying this to my theme right now – can finally finish and get it published. Thank you!!!

  10. so happy that we got to spend so many sweet moments together in 2012. love you a lot!


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