stepping out diaries: airplane style

Monday, January 28


it's been a while since i've written a "stepping-out diaries" post. 
if you're just now joining us for can read the first one here and see what they are all about. 

plainly, I want to see the Holy Spirit MOVE. 
but honestly, half the time i'm not asking him to move or really even wanting to get outside myself. 
or am doing waaayyy more important things like checking facebook and watching movies.

and WHOA, that's sad, because truly the Lord wants us to live epic lives that see 
and wonders. 

and mostly, He wants us to feel that incredible feeling when we become a team with HIM. 
where we are praying and moving in step with his spirit, and it's just too awesome for words. 

In november, Abba and I were a team:) 

I flew over to spend 2 glorious weeks with my sister in Europe. 
We visited family in Germany (here and here)
and explored the island of Crete in Greece (here and here). 

we did So much in those 2 weeks, 
that by the time I hit the airport in Amsterdam to fly home to the US,
all I could honestly think about was how many movies I wanted to watch on my flight home. 
{i'm so deep, i know!}

found my seat. 
time to watch MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then she sat down. 
this beautiful woman next to me. 
she smiled, and settle in.
and of course we hit it off and talked for the next 30 minutes while the plane boarded. 

she was a gorgeous Peruvian woman
who married a German and lived in Germany,
but was moving to the US for her husbands job. 
and we were the same age. 

her English was a little patchy, and I speak zero German, 
so we got the job done using a little English, a little Spanish, and a little Italian. 

As the flight proceeded, we chatted about everything under the sun. 
{which was rather a miracle in itself between so many languages! ha}
my love of peruvian food. 
her experience as a au pair in Germany.
we laughed at how on-time and efficient Germans are,
and how loud and crazy americans could be.  
She told me about her brother's drug addiction that he finally beat. 
And I confessed my long line of health issues. 

and then we hit that awkward silence where we seemed to have exhausted all conversation topics. 
She shuffled with her headphones, and started to watch the screen. 
and believe me, I was DYING to watch The Lucky One. 
{those dang Nicholas Sparks movies get me EVERY TIME!}

but in that small silence, 
hum of the airplane droning along, 
i heard Him. 

sweet Abba, 
gently nudging me to get out my Bible and devotional. 
and all of a sudden an immediate rush inside the river of my heart opened for this lovely woman. 
a feeling that I needed to pray for her. 

to see. 
to see HIM. 

so i'm sitting there praying for her, 
specifically that the Lord would give me an opportunity to share with her at some point on the 9 hour flight. 

i'm not even done praying,
and she leans over and taps me on the shoulder. 

i think i had a coughing attack i was so surprised. 

"what is that?" she points at my bible and devotional. 
"i know the bible" she says, "but what is that" hand stretching to my devotional. 

i hold up the devotional called Jesus Calling. 
"'s a book that helps us to know Jesus more. That helps us understand his truths from the bible in a deeper and more practical way." 

"can I read it?" she asks. is a woman asking if she can read my devotional. 
"uhhh YA" i almost scream. 

so as we are reading and looking up verses,
i also happened to be listening to my new favorite band 'All Sons and Daughters'

I give her an earphone and we listen together. 
she sits mesmerized by the melodious songs, but then asks "what do they mean?"

for the next hour we sit together and listen to the songs. 
i pause them in between lyrics, and explain. 

"what is grace?" she says 
and I humbly give my best answer. 
a free gift. 
just like Jesus. 

and then. 
there we are.
 chatting our hearts away about sweet savior of the whole world. 
who can be sweet savior of our hearts. 

"i don't know this God in germany" she whispers "but i want to know him". 
i sat, absolutely still. humbled greatly by the Lord's orchestration. 
45D was not a mistake. 

I gave her my devotional to keep. 
and we prayed together. 
and I doubt i'll ever see her this side of heaven. 

but as i processed my time,
i realized,
when we pray to step out,
 even for small things,

and he MOVES with us. 
on our team. 
for the greatest goal we've ever had. 
to KNOW Him and make him KNOWN. 

may my small life never forget that I am a part of a GRAND plan. 
Abba's plan. 
and that every little step we take can be with Him and for Him. 

amen and amen. 

step out today lovelies, and you will not be the same. 
Happy Monday. 
love Katie 


  1. u-mazing. so powerful what the Word will and can do!


  2. such a beautiful story. i am seriously at a loss for words.

  3. oh my goodness. i'm so floored that this happened. i had never heard a story quite like this one. it has God written all over it! praise God that He gave that opportunity to you. may God move in her life wherever she may be.

  4. Wow Katie! What a story! What a step of faith! What a great reminder (once again!) for us to always be ready!

  5. What an amazing post! Love Jesus Calling :)

  6. There's nothing, and I mean nothing better than to read or hear stories like this one. They make my heart jump for joy!
    You are the best Katie!!

  7. What an amazing story! This post made my day. What I realized is that I love seeing God work through me and my life, but reading blogs and talking to friends and other people make me realized how He moves in other people's lives. I feel so incredibly blessed to see and feel a God that everyone can connect to.

    This was a great post and a lovely story. And perhaps you will see this woman again, God willing!

    xo, gina

  8. wow! what an amazing story! you are such a great example of letting God work through you Katie! thanks for sharing it!!

  9. An amazing work of our God. You unselfishly allowed yourself to be used and look what happened! It could be an everyday occurrence for each of us if we would surrender to be so used. May this be an awakening to us all!

  10. crying. Do I still even have to say that? You make me cry e v e r y s i n g l e t i m e. Girl!!! I am SO proud of you. The Lord is so sweet. Sometimes when we step out it is so so scary, and other times the Lord shows us such grace like this. How BEAUTIFUL!!! You're an inspiration. Stopping to pray for that woman right this minute!

  11. katie--this post gave me chills! I love it when God speaks, we obey, and marvelous things happen! Thank you for sharing!

  12. WOW WOW WOW I am teary-eyed right now (at the office - awkward)! What an amazing depiction of the ways that God can use us so tremendously in the lives of others :)

  13. Powerful. I love how every time I come here to your blog I get to see God actively working through you and in your life. It's humbling, and I desire that more for my own. =)

  14. I LOVE this post. I love to see how God orchestrates things that we never thought possible!

  15. What a wonderful way to testify God to her!! That is a great story and I just loved reading it and learning more about your heart & all.

  16. So encouraged by how God uses you for his purpose! Your heart is such an inspiration. - Christina V


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