Adding to our home....

Tuesday, February 5

so yeah...
you may have thought we were having a baby or something crazy like that. 
i mean, anytime we say something like "i have something exciting to tell you" 
people freak out. and I mean, freak

if it's up to me, and I know it isn't cause God's a lot bigger and cooler than I,
we'd pop out a little one in about 3 years! 
{wow, I almost wrote poop out a little one. awkward}


we are getting a roommate! 

or a roomNATE as I like to say...

Kevin's brother Nate is moving in with us. 
well actually he moved in last night, so he's in! 

we really are super excited about this. 
you may be asking yourself "you're newly married, why would you want to have someone live with you?"

and to that I say "why NOT?". 
just kidding...I think I know why a newly married couple might not want a roommate. 

But here's the thing. 
We've been journeying with a bunch of people in our lives and the concept we've all been wrestling with is the idea of living in community and what that really and truly looks like.  Many of you know our desire from day 1 is that people would feel absolutely loved and welcome upon entering our home. 

and in a sense, in marriage you get to be a team that welcomes people into a place where they belong, and get to feel a sense of community. 

this roommate thing, 
it's just an extension of building community. 
Now, Kev, Nate and I all get to partner together to invite others into our home. 

into a community. 

How you ever noticed how often times at churches, 
you gotta believe in order to belong. 
like once you're baptized or something, you seem to move up on the churchy people hierarchy? 

we want to scratch that. 
our prayer is that people feel a sense of belonging.
of knowing they are accepted and welcome for being who.they.are. 

and often times, we've seen,
that once in community,
they taste Jesus. 

they see Jesus in the love that the community has for one another.
and they can't get over what the heck is going on. 

we want people to belong. 
because often times community is where the real Jesus emerges. 
when they're going through a hard time and people show up, they meet Jesus. 
when they're rent is due and well's run dry, and it's the community that pitches in,

john 15:35 says "Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other.”

that's it people. 
when we love one another, people see Jesus.
and if we're not hugging it out in community, how are people going to see him? 
loving yourself doesn't fact, that's kinda counterproductive. sorry buddy. 

who says we kick the american dream with the picket fence and individualistic tendencies,
and open the gates wide on communal living? 
are you with me? 
{i picture myself a revolutionary in les miserables! seriously, i have the little suit and creepy pony tail}

so hurrah for adding to this little household another sojourner who is wanting to see Christ glorified. 
in the laughs,
in the helps,
in the hard places,
and in the joy. 

welcome to the hood Nate-dawg. 
we love you. 

love Katie and Kevin 


  1. I think communal living is the way to go....I have always wanted a huge property which is self sustaining on which generations of families can live together, learn together and raise the next generation together.

    PS I see Nate has ummmmm cut back on the facial hair!!!

  2. love it! slightly envy the community you have ;) but praying for it! you two are the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!

  3. I think this is such a neat idea! We thought about living with my parents in this sense. I understand where you're coming from! You are such a beautiful person with a beautiful heart.. I want to get to know you more! I may or may not stalk your blog today ;)

  4. these pictures are so adorable! love all the love :) you have such a sweet heart friend, so thankful to be in community with you. love you oh so much. (almost as much as my boyfriends hoodie.....)

  5. roomnate. lol AND i know what you mean about not being able to say you have an announcement. you have to say, "we have an announcement NO WE ARE NOT PREGNANT" haha.

  6. This is so cool. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog.
    I love this idea of community, and definitely think the Lord will bless you for your desire for this.
    Hope the transition goes well!

  7. Yes people always freak out about "news". I simply said how tired I was on my blog last night and everyone started assuming I was prego. Not cool!

  8. Wow, I don't think I could have my brother or brother-in-law live in my house. Maybe too introverted for that. But good for you! The community you are forming around you seems amazing!

  9. seriously, you two are a power couple.
    this is so encouraging and awesome!

  10. Love this and even more so your outlook! Yay for more friends, or in this case - family!

  11. Hey! So glad you responded to my comment :)
    PS - The blog you commented on, I'm not really on anymore. I started it thinking I would switch from the one I've been on for years ( but it just didn't stick, haha.

  12. You are so right in your perspective Katie! Your brother in law is lucky to have such a sweet sister in law to welcome him in to to her house. :)

  13. Good outlook, I think the more the merrier. Why not! :) Looks like you're going to have your hands full!

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

    Come check out my giveaway!

  14. i think this is amazing!!! we want to be an open home too. we strongly believe that the Lord wants us to live with open arms and open doors! it is great to see you living it out!

  15. we also had my highschool brother living with us for a week! it was a blast - he didn't want to go back to my "old" parents!!

  16. oh man. how are you SUCH a gem? teach me to be more like you!

    LOVED your email the other day... (: (: (:

    1. Gahhhh!!! I LOVED YOUR email. Whew, I need to write you back, but sooo excited!!!

  17. love this post! you are such great woman of the Lord. Always giving glory to Father. Beautiful lady :)
    When I read where you wrote, "who says we kick the american dream with the picket fence and individualistic tendencies,
    and open the gates wide on communal living?
    are you with me?" I totally wanted to high five you! haha

  18. uh if a church ever thinks you need to move up the hierarchy by getting baptized then they have it all wrong and the church members need to change that fast. baptism is an act of obedience and the church members should be encouraging those who aren't baptized yet to be baptized and don't act like they are moving up the hierarchy as a result either

    1. Amen! I agree! Isn't it sad when people feel a pressure to "believe" in order to belong to a deeper community? That's why we are so passionate about loving and accepting people as they are!


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