love...the gift of ourselves

Wednesday, February 13

Hello sweet friends:) 

i just wanted to say a massive thank you to all who have commented, emailed, called, texted and hugged me in excitement over our announcement about Nepal. 
i am truly humbled. 
so thank you. 

today I am guest-posting over at my lovely friend Denise's blog Gratefully Inspired
i'm sharing about how love truly is the gift of giving ourselves to others. 
{and also shared a few of our engagement pictures in there as well!} 

to read the post, click here. 

happy wednesday dear ones, 
thank you for being water to my soul. 

love Katie 

ps- for Valentines day I asked sweet Kevin if he would write something for my blog. i told him it could be anything at all! we are quite opposite in that he does not like to write {however i think he's a fantastic writer!} so we are all in for a treat on Thursday! woo power on the blog! ha! 


  1. I love when I can get my hsuband to write on the blog. Its exciting to see what he will say.

  2. I love that your hubby is going to write a post! How fun! Congratulations on Nepal. What a generous and loving heart. How God can do so much good through people like you. You are very blessed. A wonderful dream come true!


  3. Your engagement pictures are lovely! I'm excited to read what your hubby writes tomorrow. I'm still trying to my man to write something on my blog. ;-)

  4. honored to have you on my blog today :)

    and oh I CANNOT WAIT to see what Kevin comes up with tomorrow!!!!

  5. horray! I can't wait to read Kevin's post tomorrow!


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