Phra Nang, Thailand

Monday, October 7

I swear Phra Nang beach is the one they use on every postcard and travel poster for Thailand. 
The crystal clear blue waters, 
the giant rock soaring out of the water, 
and the long boats with the colorful flags waving in the gentle breeze. 
I don’t blame them…
who wouldn’t want to lose themselves in that paradise? 

So yeah, we discovered this beach one night as we decided to “explore” the peninsula. 
There were literally two people on the beach, which blew my mind. 
I asked both of them (at separate times) to take pictures of Kev and I. 
One was an older woman who was the wife of the owner of the huge resort on the beach, 
and the other was a british tourist who was quite obviously high on life (and other things). 

Anyway, as we sat on the beach that night we just reveled in how amazing God is, 
that he created this paradise and how undeserving we were to get to soak it all in! 

One day we spent the whole day swimming in the ridiculous waters, 
reading, and ordering food from the floating snack bar. 
As I sat chomping on my grilled corn and sipping coconut juice, 
I literally told myself that I could now successfully die and go to heaven. 
It was just that amazing:) 

There is only one resort on Phra Nang, and it costs your entire life savings to stay there. 
Just kidding…but it’s expensive. 
So just stay on Railey Beach, and walk the pretty 15-minute jaunt over to Phra Nang! 

Night pictures of Phra Nang are here.  

Happy Monday friends...
and if you think of it, please pray for me today.... 
I'm speaking at a ladies event tonight at my home church! {on transformation}
thank you so much!! 

love you all,


  1. Wow! Yep, looks exactly like something out of a postcard!

  2. Honestly, it's like you live in a postcard.

    I would LOVE to travel to this part of the world!

  3. Wow, that water is so blue! I'll be praying that your speech at church goes well!

  4. This looks like Paradise! Beautiful!
    I would love to be there and listen to your speech :-)
    Praying for you!

  5. Oh my gosh these pictures are literally taking my breath away! The color of the water, the landscape....these pictures are simply incredible! I can't even imagine how amazing it must have been in person!

  6. RIDICULOUS. This place is beautiful. I think it is insane that God created the world, but its not with a standard layout. There are landscapes which are absolutely unique, and countries that blow my mind despite the fact I live on the same earth...if that makes sense. Its creativity by the creator of creativity, and we were all made in the image of this creator. whaaaa.

    I hope that the talk went well, im sure it did, the message of transformation clearly flows from your heart.

  7. BEAUTIFUL. I would love to travel there.

  8. Simply Stunning!!! Now I really need to go here :)

  9. haha yup, stay in railay folks, SO much cheaper! i remember walking to this beach and amazed by how picturesque it is! beautiful photos friend!

  10. so amazing! love that photo of you guys!

  11. These photos are stunning! I am totally adding this to my list of places I want to visit!


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