Free Ad-swap for the month of October!!

Wednesday, October 2

in honor of October,
I thought it would be fun to offer you all a little ad space on my blog:)
you guys are all such inspirations to me, and I want to let others know about your space!
i love you guys, what can I say! 

if you would like to swap ads with me for the month of October,
here's what you need to do:
first, follow Hope Engaged on Bloglovin, facebook, and GFC
then, email me your ad, size 200x200
you can either grab my button on my blog, OR send me a specific size you need for your blog
easy peasy, right? 

 if you are currently sponsoring me, don't you worry your pretty little face...
i'm giving YOU a free month too. 
your current ad will run one month longer than you paid for, giving you more traffic!
and...your ad will still be on top! 
it's a win, win for us all! 

happy fall dear friends! 
so thankful for you, my readers!! 

love Katie 


  1. sending you mine over! you rock girl.

  2. great picture! love this, emailing you now :)

  3. Will be sending you an email shortly :)

    1. Thanks for posting my 'ad' :) Just FYI, the link is broken on it...
      Hope your day is filled with blessings!

  4. followed you on all 3, grabbing your button & emailing you!


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