The Islands, Thailand

Monday, September 30

 As previously mentioned,
{on my Railey Beach post}
in an effort to not feel like complete lazy bums,
 we decided it was high time to “do” something 
and see a few other islands in Thailand.  
So we signed up to have a speedboat take us to four islands for some snorkeling.
We decided that snorkeling sounded the most like “nothing” 
which is really what we set out to do in Thailand.
leeezzzz be honest. 

Now there are a lot tours/activities to do in and around Railey, 
like rock climbing, 
zip lining, 
scuba diving,
etc. etc. etc.
{seriously, we couldn't believe how many random tours there were!}

 So even though Railey is not a relatively large area, 
it’s pretty incredible all the fun things you could potentially do while there! 

the day was absolutely perfect. 
we met some really fun couples from England and Australia
and cruised around the most gorgeous archipelago in the world:)

We swam on the gorgeous beach of Bamboo Island
Explored the famous Maya Bay (made crazy popular by the Leo movie “The Beach”)
Ate lunch and frolicked in the waves of the idyllic Koh Phi Phi
And snorkeled in a bay off Koh Phi Phi filled with loads of colorful fish.  

i'd do it again in a heartbeat:) 
enjoy the pictures! 
happy Monday,
love Katie 

{i snuck these babies into my suitcase...can't wait to put them in a vase}
 {this picture cracks me up...hello lady and her bum!} 
 {my handsome, being handsome}
 {monkeys!!! look at the baby in the top right corner, so cool!}


  1. I love Thailand, we did the same beach tour and I loved the whole experience- it was my husbands first time snorkeling and he loved it so much he did his diving coarse after. What beautiful pictures!! Enjoy your trip:)

  2. Oh my gosh Katie that is SO crazy beautiful!! I dream of going to Thailand, and because of views like that it's somewhere that I dream of going for my honeymoon! :-) I fell in love with Thailand a couple summers ago when that was a destination where the cast of the Bachelorette went! Now after seeing your pictures I'm determined to go someday! Haha.

    xoxo Miss ALK

  3. Oh my friend Lydia and I did the same day trip by speed boat. Since the Thai's don't celebrate Christmas day Lydia and I decided to do something WOW and this tour was it!! Love loved loved it. We still talk about it especially when they dropped us off in what seemed like the middle of the ocean to snorkel. So glad you guys enjoyed it!

  4. holy wow! it looks beautiful there! so bright. definitely want to go there someday now.

  5. As if we weren’t excited enough about Thailand!! So glad you two had such a great time on the islands! Hope you guys are adjusting well back into California life  Praying for you sunshine!

  6. I just can't get over how GORGEOUS it is :)

  7. Oh my's BREATHTAKING!!! & y'all look your bathing suit! <3 <3

  8. Wow!! Beautiful. And those baby monkeys are always cute...from a distance. I do not like them when they are too close to me!

  9. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing with us another part of God's creation!
    :) Rebecca

  10. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing with us another part of God's creation!!
    :) Rebecca

  11. The water looks great and inviting. Would love to go there! Looks a lot like Ha Long Bay in Vietnam!

  12. Wow, these photos are stunning! My husband and I are (hopefully) going to be traveling to Thailand soon so I need to send you an email for more info on this!! xoxo

  13. Aaah, it's gorgeous!! So jealous of all the traveling you've got to do girl, looks like so much fun! That water looks so perfect :-)

  14. Looks like an absolutely amazing time!!!

  15. SO. Gorgeous! I can't believe how blue the water is! PS you're bathing suit is so adorable!

  16. Oh these photos bring me back to a happy place. I am so glad you guys got to go here. Thailand is a feast for the senses for sure! What fun and gorgeous photos.

  17. Wow, wow, wow!! These are amazing!!!!!! Aww, I am so happy you guys had such a beautiful time!

  18. Aaah, I feel like I've been on vacation just looking at your pics! I love it all but the can keep those :-)

  19. lovely photos!! the aqua color of the water is so perfect! swoon.
    following you now! can 't wait to see more adventures!

  20. Breathtaking pictures! And those monkeys! Adorable.


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