we are back!

Thursday, September 12

In the last month alone Kevin and I have 
Flown on 11 planes
Traveled through 10 countries
Rode on 4 buses (2 of them crossing international lines)
Taken 3 Tuk Tuk rides
Spent 2 days on Bicycles
and 1 day cruising the countryside in Vietnam on a motorbike 

and now we are home. 

I'm not even sure if the emotions i'm having are a result of 
reverse culture shock, 
or just my emotional self, 
but let me tell you, 
i'm all over the freaking map, friends.

yesterday I laughed, I cried, 
and I sat silent wrapped in my own thoughts 
trying the figure out what i'd even consider "home" to be right now. 

Thankfully, I don't need four walls of my own to call home. 
My home is my husband, and he's by my side, so all is well. 

This morning I woke up early, and just sat with the Lord in utter thanksgiving. 
Who I am to have experienced what I did in the last six months? 
It overwhelms me to think that he is So good and knows our hearts and opens doors to feed our desires.

I then spent time writing down the verses that have impacted me the most in these past six months. 
Oh friends, God has changed me in Nepal and has grown and repaired my heart. 
He has taken so many hurts and turned them around in a beautiful bouquet of forgiveness and peace. 
I hope to share more of this with you soon, but for now, I'm still just thanking God for his faithfulness. 
So thank you,
thank you dear friends,
who encouraged me through our time in Nepal. 

I'm looking forward to sharing more of our time from Nepal, Europe, and SE Asia with you hopefully soon! 

much love,

And PS- Don't forget about the Photo Shoot Link-up on the 15th! Can't wait to see your lovely photos:) 


  1. Can't wait to continue hearing about your travels! It sounds like it was one crazy adventure. I know that you blessed all those you came into contact with while you were away, and that the Lord used the experience to bless you as well! I'm so glad to hear how much impact it had, friend.

  2. So excited that you're back! Although I'm sure leaving was so, so bittersweet. I think it's awesome that God was able to transform you in Nepal. I hope the transition back to America goes smoothly for you, can't wait to hear more!

  3. Welcome home :) ill be praying for you as your readjust! Culture shock is the worst!

  4. I'm sure it is emotionally draining to be processing all of this right now. I hope it gets better soon. These sneak peeks are gorgeous--can't wait to see more!

  5. welcome back! what an adventure you've had!

  6. Are you doing a photo link up this month? only 3 days away!

  7. Welcome back! So glad that Nepal was such a wonderful experience for you guys, and hoping that you have peace in your adjustment to being home again!

  8. Oh Katie! I can't wait to hear all about your travels and what god is revealing to you from your adventure!

  9. Wow, wow, wow--you guys have been blessing with an adventure. Coming back to the U.S. has got to feel so strange.

  10. So excited for you sweet friend! The Lord is using you in bigger ways that you will ever know!
    p.s. I'll be shooting you an email soon about the debriefing questions and Thailand information! :)

  11. Welcome home!!! SO HAPPY you're home safely and you had the trip of a lifetime. Love you friend!

  12. Welcome back Katie! I can't wait to hear all about - what a beautiful adventure!

  13. Can't wait to hear all about it! I always find coming home after an adventure quite hard, lots of time for reflection and prayer.

    Praying for you!

  14. Welcome back, dear girl! I'm so glad God used your time in Nepal for His glory!!! I can't wait to hear about what He does with you now that you're back in the States! :-)

  15. Welcome back, Katie! I know you've traveled enough to know this, but reverse culture shock is a very real thing. I had a much harder time with reverse culture shock coming back to the States for college than I had actual culture shock when my family moved to China. If you need to talk about it or rant about anything or just in general need a listening ear, I'm here for you! I look forward to hearing all about your trip!

  16. Aw, so glad to hear you made it back. :) Praying for you in this time of transition, I know it is quite the whirlwind of emotions. I cannot wait to hear more about your travels!

  17. I ADORE YOU GUYS! I am so happy you're back but so understand your mixture of emotions. God has done, and will continue, to do such great things through you!

  18. How exciting! Ya know, a lot of ppl wouldn't even acknowledge thanksgiving to The Lord for allowing them to experience such a life experience. Good for you!

  19. Ahh love you and so happy to hear that you made it home safely. I love what you said about kev and how home is where your husband is, so sweet. One of my best friends fiancé name is Kevin so I am so used to saying that name and calling him kev! Haha. Anyways, looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and I am once again happy to hear you made it home safe. Love ya!! :)

  20. i so wish that we could sit down for a cup of coffee right now! i hope that you adjust well to being back 'home'. i can't even imagine the adjustment that you've made traveling and then returning. i hope all is well my friend : )

  21. wow you guys traveled A LOT! i hope it doesnt take too long for your to get readjusted :)

  22. WOW! That's quite a list of accomplishments.
    Welcome home.

  23. I absolutely love how you phrased this: "He has taken so many hurts and turned them around in a beautiful bouquet of forgiveness and peace." Such encouragement for all that He can, and does, do to turn our trials into His triumphs!

  24. This was so beautifully written. <3

  25. Ahhh I can't wait to hear more about your time in Asia! I LOVE all things related to Asian culture and I want to travel there so badly!! Especially India and Thailand, but also Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and all the countries... etc etc. :-) Glad that you both made it home safe and sound though!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  26. I missed reading your blog while I was away on vacation! So happy to hear you returned back to the States safely. May God comfort your heart and help you process all the amazing (and all of the heartbreaking) moments in the last 6 months. May He lead you through this transition time and bring forth new joys and opportunities. I look forward to hearing more about your trips!

  27. Wow!!! I spent a month in Vietnam traveling from Hanoi do Saigon.. It is not easy, but it was beautiful!!

    New follower for sure!


  28. Hi Katie! I'm so glad you stopped by Seriously Kate because now I've found your blog! I can't believe you were away from home for 6 months, but it sounds like it was God's perfect will and life changing to boot. :)

    I'm your newest GFC follower and I look forward to reading more!

    Enjoy your weekend. :)


  29. Glad your back friend, and I can't wait to hear more of your travel adventures!

  30. 10 countries, 1 month!? I'm exhausted from just reading it, ha! What an amazing experience you must have had. Would it be wrong to say I'm a bit jealous? Jealous in a good way, though. ;) I love to travel.

    I'm happy God gave you, what I can only imagine, are some beautiful experiences that will be worthy to tell grandchildren one day.

    Glad to hear you are home safely. I'm sure you'll settle in before you know it.

  31. i'm so glad y'all made it back safely.

  32. Oh I remember that feeling well. It's hard to feel like America is your home after an experience like you had in Nepal. But you're right, you have your husband by your side and together you are home wherever you go.


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