In the Flowers: Photo Shoot Link-Up

Sunday, September 15

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I've been thinking a lot about beauty lately,
and how when we bring beauty to the world, 
we show God to the world. 

when we forgive, 
there is beauty that grows in a place once fixed with bitterness. 

when we offer grace,
we cultivate the vines of beauty that otherwise would have sown condemnation

and when we live our lives in a way that welcomes and embraces others,
we offer a beauty of hospitality that says "you are loved and important" 

We must see ourselves as "beauty bearers" 
If we berate our image, we are berating God. 

But if we embrace how He has made us, 
we can humbly use our earthly bodies as vessels to radiate the Beauty of heaven...

of kindness, of love, of gentleness and of grace.

beauty is from God. 

I'm so so looking forward to seeing your beautiful pictures today:) 
love Katie 

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  1. I think these thought about adding beauty to the world are exactly right. God is the Creator of all true beauty.

  2. Oh Katie these are so beautiful. I was not brave enough to face the lens so soon again so.....I sweet talked my gorgeous mommy!!!

  3. Oh Katie the photo's are stunning!!! You look like a Polynesian princess!!!

    I was not brave enough to face the lens so soon again so I persuaded my sweet mommy!!

    Thanks for blessing!!!

  4. What a beautiful link up! Encouraging the beauty to shine through!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this: "when we bring beauty to the world, we show God to the world."

    I also love the flower headband. Did you make it yourself?

  6. You are absolutely stunning inside and out, Katie! I will definitely be linking up to this one next time, I promise! I just need to find time to get a photo shoot in my busy school schedule :)

  7. You are so beautiful - both inside and out, dear friend!

  8. Well you are just as cute as a button friend! Even more beautiful are your words - how true they are. We are indeed to radiate the beauty of heaven with our bodies, and our lives!

  9. hey pretty lady : ) these pics turned out great!

  10. hey pretty lady : ) these pics turned out great!

  11. I love these! You look so beautiful!

  12. you are so beautiful! :)
    love the flowers in your hair!

  13. You're so beautiful, inside and out! I love this! You're so right, we are beauty-bearers. I find it so amazing when I travel or even when I'm in my own backyard just gazing at flowers just how amazing our Creator God is at creating beautiful things out of nothing. It is so clearly evident in creation that God values beauty. He didnt have to give birds so many unique beaks, flowers their vibrant hues, or streams their hymn-like tunes. He could have skipped out on the glorious snow-capped mountains, or the wildflowers on a grassy hill. But He didn't! Instead, He still creates beautiful things in His creation, which includes US! How humbling and amazing to think of that!


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