Fall is....

Friday, October 4

This fall season is especially special for me. 
It is the first Fall that i've lived in northern california in many years. 

Fall in southern california is hard to see, as the weather stays the same blazing hot and palm trees do not change color. 
For that reason, being up here in my hometown reminds me of all that Fall is to me now, from the many memories sewn into my mind during my childhood. 

Fall is,
leaves bursting into rich hues
a big pot of apple cider on the stove with cinnamon sticks
my mom's beautiful Fall wreaths on the door {and this year a "give thanks" banner made of burlap}
crisp mornings that turn into sunny afternoons 
golden rice swaying in the wind
pumkins, pumkins, pumkins!
back to school
scarecrow contests
mom humming away on her sewing machine making our halloween costumes
harvest parties where we thank God for the good rice crop that came in!
ordering hot beverages at coffee shops
heart to heart talks with friends while walking through the park in the gorgeous fall colors
jumping in piles of leaves
new beginnings
racking leaves! {much to our chagrin!}
football games
and thanksgiving...one of my most favorite holidays! 

I know everyone says this, but Fall is truly magical. 
It's like God paints autumn across the trees and grass and fields, 
and everything is dipped in a reddish vibrancy. 
It reminds me that every day is a new beginning of grace. 

Fall is grace. 
The ability to start afresh:)
how I love that! 
What does Fall mean to YOU? 

on Oct 15th we'll be doing another Photo-Shoot Link-Up. 
The theme this month is FALL, of course:) 
Spend some time snapping your favorite fall landscapes/themes! 
And if you want, share your favorite Fall memory from childhood! 

Happy Autumn! 
love Katie


  1. Fall definitely means a reviving to me, especially considering that I live in one of the hottest states - Arizona. After 5 and a half month of excruciating hot temperatures, it means a sense of rest to enter into fall. A chance to step outside. It feels like life is blooming anew when fall arrives here in the valley.

  2. I absolutely love your list! Fall is definitely magical! And I love your outfit. Those boots!!! :)

  3. The apple cider is my favorite part. I'm not the biggest fan of chilly temperatures.

  4. You beautiful lady! I loved hearing your sweet fall memories. I'm glad your enjoying the gift of autumn!

    Esther x

  5. New beginnings. So true. That is my absolute favorite thing about this season. I think I feel it extra because my birthday is this month, but it always seems such a gift.

  6. love your description of fall! it makes me feel happier just reading the list!! it definitely is beginning fresh and grace! love that! :) fall definitely does make me feel new... like i'm starting a new chapter.. :)

  7. These are great photos of you! I love to watch the leaves change.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. You are so beautiful. I love this and I'm so happy that you get to experience all the beauty that comes with Fall from your hometown...with your family! So perfect!

  9. Oh Katie, you look beautiful! Love those boots too :) Fall for me is cooler weather, scented candles, and a reminder that change is natural, leads to spring, and new things :) Oh and guess who has there photos already done for the 15th!? ;) mwa

  10. O'goodness, I just love this so much! And I'm 100% jealous that your experiencing fall in Northern California. After moving to Southern California from Missouri, where I was spoiled by fall... it has taken me time a adjust to fall here.

  11. You are the cutest little farmer lady! Fall to me is beautiful colors on the trees, cooler weather--but with sun which is amazing! And unfortunately, rain on Halloween. Always. Just a part of living in Oregon I guess.

  12. All those things remind me of fall too!

    And since I didn't comment on the post about becoming a farmer, I will now....I love that you guys are doing that and I can't wait to hear more about it! We grow a few veggies in our backyard and I am always so proud of myself. I can't imagine the work that goes into really harvesting something.

  13. Fall is just the BEST season ever! =D Love your little list of lovely autumn things girl!

  14. Fall is so amazing. I love how you compare it to grace. So so true. It's almost like fall is the new new year. ;)

    I found your blog tonight via your advertising on all glorious within. I'm so glad I did. You are beautiful.


  15. oh, i just love this! fall is my absolutely favorite. i love when you said that fall is grace. that is so so true.

  16. yes i absolutely love fall. it's truly does carry something magical with it. it is my favorite.

  17. Love this! Fall is my absolute favorie. And your outfit is too cute!

  18. Our seasons are backwards to yours here in NZ, but I love Autumn, too:) Be blessed, Katie:)

  19. Autumn is awesome:) Right now in NZ it's spring (which I love) but definitely a huge fan of Autumn! Hope you're well, Katie! Be blessed!


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