Esther & Dorothy Give-Away

Friday, February 21

I am so excited to introduce you ladies to an incredibly creative vintage jewelry company

E&D is a Polish-based vintage jewelry company run by the lovely Esther. 
What makes E&D so unique is that Esther finds old vintage pieces from markets all over Europe,
and crafts them into a new piece. 

{how romantic and whimsical is that? } 

Esther writes, 
"Those extra special pieces are found in soil, abandoned houses or attics. They come to me dirty, broken or in pieces. Each element is then cleaned, cared for, but keeping the original look, it is assembled as a jewelry piece. It is a truly magical process, when you work directly with elements taken directly from the past. That's why vintage jewelry is so special to make, and to wear."

Esther sent me a gorgeous handcrafted necklace,
which features a gold feather, with cascading pink beads. 
it is perfect…I even wore it on valentines day:) 

 Today, I wanted to give away a gorgeous pair of 1920's inspired earrings to one lucky reader. 
…see below for how to enter the give-away….

 Are these earrings not absolutely stunning! 
They remind me of something Lady Mary might wear on Downton Abbey:) 
{and as a side-note, my birthday is next month, 
and my party is Downton Abbey themed! 
E&D jewelry would be perfect for a themed party!!} 

Here's what you need to do to win
1) "Like" the Esther and Dorothy FB page {here}
2) Leave a comment with your favorite E&D piece from their website {here}
Put your email address in the comment as well
3) Follow Hope Engaged on Bloglovin & FB  & on my blog

That's it! Easy as pie!! The contest closes on Monday! 

Happy Weekend friends:) 
love Katie 


  1. that necklace is so gorgeous! love this one too:

  2. That necklace! My goodness it's so pretty! I also am in love with these earrings!

  3. I LOVE the one you are wearing!! I also love their Vintage Long Necklace with Original 1910-1950s Elements - too awesome. You always find the coolest stuff Katie!

  4. I adore the Pink Flower in Brass Filigree from their website. :)
    I follow you on FB and bloglovin and your blog! :)
    ~Erika R.

  5. That necklace is gorgeous!! And Downtown Abbey is such a fun theme for a birthday party. I also love these earrings

  6. Katie, you are simply PRECIOUS :) Sounds like a beautiful company

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  8. Beautiful pictures as always :) That necklace is beautiful! Such great stuff on the website. I love the grey quartz stone earrings!

  9. I love this!! I have to say these earrings are just gorgeous:

    Green Emerald Bead and Copper Retro Earrings (

  10. Well aren't you just the cutest :) Those earring to die for! How fun would a DA themed bday party be?! So creative. I am loving all the things they offer on their site but I think might be at the top of the list:

    1. I know you know it, but b/c it's in the rules, :)

    Followed everywhere...
    And I LOVE this piece:

  12. I love the Green Glass Retro Earrings, Gold Plated Hooks

  13. Such a fun giveaway!
    Followed all BUT the E&D Facebook? The link goes right to normal FB for me, and I cant find it through search anywhere...hmmmm.
    I LOVE these earrings! and I also love the 1930s medallion necklace :)

  14. They really are all so stunning. I like these earrings:

  15. umm can I please come to your Downton themed birthday? That sounds so fun!
    I like the Brown Leather Earrings, Pink Acrylic Flowers, Gold Plated Earrings.

    my email:

  16. You are beautiful, Katie! Your outfit and hair are wonderful, you gorgeous girl!
    Those earrings are so precious!

  17. Loooove these earrings!!!!

    Oval Turquoise Acrylic Flowers set in Brass Settings

  18. Love... Love LOVE the entire shop, but especially the vintage 1930's opal gold earrings! Thank you for the sweet chance & wishing you a very Happy Birthday coming up!


  19. Everything is so beautiful, but I thing I love those the most:


    By the way, your blog truly inspires me and I've learned a lot about how my faith can grow! Thank you so much for that and for the giveway of course!

    I hope you have a gorgeous and blessed day,

  20. I love the Pink Flower in Brass Filigree! :-) susannah.kellogg (at)

  21. Oh these are just gorgeous! And your style my dear?! Please rub off on me! :)


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