hooray for the little things

Tuesday, February 25

 there has been so much going on in my little brain lately. i'm not sure if that's a product of going back to school (yeah brain cells!), or if i'm just more keenly noticing the small daily delights from the Lord:) 

either way, i'm filled with so much joy when I tally up all that I have to be thankful for. 
Did you know I am thankful for you, dear reader? Your community brightens my day. 

Olympics: as you know, my dad and I are olympics fanatics. For Christmas, I gave my dad the gift of me flying up to northern california to watch the olympics with him! It was a glorious week with my family, where we cozied by the fire and got really into all the olympics stories and sports:) Yesterday I got an email from him that  read "Hi Kate – well now we wait for 4 more years. Let’s plan on doing it again! Thank you for coming up to spend time with us and to make a special time of watching the Olympics together. What a great Christmas present. I love you Katie -Dad" I love that my dad and I have this special bond! 
#crazyolympicpeople #waywaytoointoit

My Amish Devotional: Did you know there is such a thing as an Amish devotional? haha, me neither! But last November Kev and I ran to the bookstore and I saw this daily devotional called "Amish Peace". I mentioned it to Kevin, and then forgot about it! But lo and behold, it showed up in my Christmas stocking from him (what a guy!). Friends, this book is amazing. Every day I learn about the simplistic and beautiful ways to approach life. It has been a soothing balm to my soul, and I love it. #iwanttobeamishbutnotbecauseiloveelectricitytoomuch

Bike rides to the park: We've hardly experienced a winter here thus far, and Kevin and I have taken advantage of the beautiful days by riding our cruiser bikes to the park. I love the wind whipping through my hair, and just being side by side with my love. Getting out in nature does a mind/body/soul good:) #summerallyearisfinebyme

Downton Abbey: I watch practically zero tv, but Downton Abbey has my heart. This season took a little while to warm up, but the last few episodes have been truly inspiring and beautiful. I love the way there is such courtesy in the way people treat each other (even if they don't like each other), and the costumes! *sigh* so gorgeous:)  Not to mention, can I please put Lady Violet in my pocket? Her comments make me giggle to no end! 

My new Blentech Blender: As someone who has cut out gluten, dairy and a few other things, I must say i've found the solution to all my snacking needs…My Blentech Blender!! I saw a demonstration for this baby at Costco, and Kev couldn't tear me away from the table! I literally sat gaping with my mouth hanging open when she showed me how to make ice cream in 45 seconds, and how to make hot soup in 60 seconds. I'm sorry, WHAT? that's right, I can make my own dairy free ice cream in 45 seconds. I know. It's essentially comparable to the Vitamix, but I read better reviews for the Blentech! #freshjuicealldaylong #yesimdrinkingspinach

Kevin: I know I write all the time about how much I love this man, but I just can't help it. Marriage has been the most beautiful earthly blessing I have ever known. This man just loves me deep and wide and I don't deserve it. He stayed up for hours quizzing me last week for a test, left me a good luck note in the morning, lets me cuddle him at night to warm myself up, and always serves me in such a humble way. For a school project I had to identify the things that really bother me about my husband, and honestly, the only thing I could really come up with was that I hated his farts. haha! 

Blog friends: This past week two sweet blogger friends, both from Oregon happened to be down in California and we were able to connect. What a sweet community we have, right? Another one of my great blogger friends from Canada is coming to visit around my birthday, and i'm over the moon to meet her in person:) If any of you will be California, please don't hesitate to come and say hello:) 
#comevisitme #ilovenewfriends

Grad school:  I honestly cannot be more thankful that the Lord has led me into this profession. So far, I love all that i'm learning, and feel so humbled to feel like i'm living out my calling:) 

Basketball: I used to play basketball in high school, despite the fact that i'm so puny now, haha! But, my dad started a women's city league in our hometown as a way to bring community and share the love. Last week when I was home, my two sisters and I played on my dad's team. It was the first time all 3 of us sisters played together, and oh.my.gee. it was fantastic! Pulled out a few moves from my high school days, hehe:) 

below..my sisters are 22 & 12, I'm 24, and my sweet dad in the stripped sweater:) 

And lastly, the winner of the Esther & Dorothy give-away is 
Chantel from A Harvest of Blessing. Congrats girl!! 

Happy Tuesday friends, 
xoxo Katie


  1. First of all, these hashtags are killing me! Secondly, j'adore that dress. Frame those pictures! So glad you're enjoying school and following the Lord's call for your life!

  2. I want to be Amish, too! When i worked for Schwan's I had some Amish customers on my PA routes and loved them! and my Grandmom lived in the Lancaster area for most of my life so I've always loved seeing the Amish. I actually got really mad at my Grandmom when I was young because she told me I couldn't be Amish.

  3. This just makes my heart sing. Thankful for your joyful heart :) Glad you are in a season of blessings! And thanks for the book recommendation... sounds like I need a new book :)

  4. These are such sweet gifts!!! Sooo many gifts when we stop and think about it!!! Happy for you, sweet girl!!

  5. so many wonderful things to be thankful for...thank you for always reminding me how sweet life can be! your positivity is contagious!

  6. Your husband is such a sport to be taking all of these photos! :)

  7. So many blessings--thanks for sharing. We've been watching a lot of the Downton and the Olympics around here too. The Dowager Countess drops our favorite lines of the show but I think both my husband and I agree we'd rather watch her than be related to her. :)

  8. I'm sooo jealous that the weather is nice at your place? Where I live it's pretty cold, but not cold enough until I have to wear several layers, so confusing. I also played basketball back then, it's really awesome what your Dad is doing!

  9. i love your olympic enthusiasm!! the olympics are my fave :)

    all of your hashtags...hahahah. i love it!

    you can only have lady violet if we get to share ;) she is the wittiest/funniest old lady i know.

  10. You are far too cute!!! :-) I love all your hashtags. ;-) I need to plan a trip down to meet you!

  11. Love this post! Hooray for the little things is right.
    Girl, I totally understand the Downton love...I adore the show, the era, all of it. Sigh.

  12. A huge hooray for the little things- and big things- God is doing in your life Katie! I just want to share my perspective of something you mentioned.
    If a professor asked me to write about things that bother me about my husband, I wouldn't have a problem. Not because I don't love him or think that our marriage is bad but actually because I do love him and think our marriage is healthy. I love my husband so much, he is my confidant and my best friend but he is also inherently flawed, like myself. Things that he does or say can bother me and I suspect that I bother him too sometimes! But I think that makes my marriage worth the effort, we continue to choose each other despite our differences and despite that we can be annoying. I am very happily married and I could write a nice essay on the problems that we are working on and the things that bother me, and I sincerely hope that he could write one too. I think it's important to remember conflict exists in every marriage and that is okay :)

  13. This post would go greatly into my Monday linkup "the positives" ;). This is a great list! I want to go to grad school but not until I'm positive about what it should be in, so I think it will be a few years. Bike rides to the park sound amazing. I think wherever we stop next in the world we'll be investing in some bikes (especially if it's scenic!).

  14. I can't wait for summer weather and bike rides here!! :) And it's a really good thing when you can't come up with a long list of things about your husband that bother you, many people are very easily annoyed by their spouses! And I am a Downton fan as well, I got my Dad and little sister into watching it, too, I'm proud of myself for that.

  15. jeremy asked me the other day what item i absolutely wanted in the RV and along with a bread maker (duh) i also REALLY want one of those blenders! he may get sick of all of his food being in liquid form though...

  16. I'm so in love with this post!! Taking time to write a post about things I love is definitely what I need to do when our weather is like this. Also, I'm so pumped to meet you in a few weeks, whoop! And to get the earrings at the same time, double win! :)

  17. This post is so sweet! That devotional sounds so interesting. And I'm dying for a blender like that...I was thinking Vitamix, but I might have to look into the Blentech one!

  18. It was soooo wonderful meeting you in person finally! What a blessing the blogging community is! The photos of you and Kevin are adorn! And your hashtags are #soawesome!

  19. I'm with you on getting out in nature, and i just started watching downton abbey, i should be hooked soon. I love that Kev loves you so! the fart bit is hilarious! :)

  20. An AMISH DEVOTIONAL?!?! You know I need to know all about it.

    Isn't Downton the best? I'm so sad the season is over. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now.

  21. I love all this love! Downton is definitely a staple in my life too and I'm so excited to hear more about your master's program!

  22. Aww I LOVE that you and your sisters play basketball together. No one else in my family is really sporty so I never really had that opportunity. Well, other than with my brother. But yeah, love this. :) And your Blentech Blender sounds amazing! When I come visit you, you will have to demonstrate it for me! :) And you and Kevin... as always, precious. :)

  23. What a beautiful couple you guys are! I love reading how much your husband loves you, praying I get to experience that one day! But thankful for a God who can more than fulfill that craving for love in this season of singleness. :)

    Found you through Jessica's blog! How fun that you guys got to meet up. I'm just north of you in Santa Barbara! So Cal is the best, isn't it?

  24. love your "little things"!! and hope you are doing well. how fun you are meeting new blog friends in real life. i seriously LOVE this crazy community. and oh gosh, if you and kevin aren't the most precious things i've ever seen then i'll tell you what!

  25. Hi Katie! Happy I came across your blog! I am your newest follower and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I am a fellow lover of green juices! haha (Actually, I make "smoothies" because I just use a hand blender for now) Hope you'll come on over to my blog and follow along with my little family in south FL. (I also post on my greens and other healthy, holistic things that I am learning along the way.


    The McGuire Family


  26. what amazing pictures of you and your husband! They really show what an amazing relationship you two have, and really illustrate what you wrote about him in this post. Its almost as if the text wasn't necessary !

    Latest post No. 4 Rule of a Lady and the art of persuasion

  27. You are just adorable. The hashtags are hilarious :) Hooray indeed for the little things!

  28. i love reading these posts! they always make me smile and excited for my own future! thanks :)


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