love in the light

Friday, February 14

last week, Kevin and I were house sitting for some dear friends. 
The minute I saw their window seat drenched heavily in the rays of sun,
I was mesmerized by the light. 

Light poured into this space all day, so inviting and pure. 
All I wanted to do was curl up, read a  book, and just soak myself in the light. 
So enraptured was I, that I even finagled my sweet husband to do a little shoot with me…lucky him (haha!) 

In the aftermath, as I sat looking at the pictures 
a phrase so powerful kept running through my mind…
that love in the light, is the best kind of love. 

love needs light. 
light that uncovers our darkest secrets so that they are out in the open and free to be dealt with. 
light that exposes our sin, and brings it to the forefront to be redeemed.
light that calls out our unhealthy thought patterns and forces them to be renewed. 

no relationship can thrive in the dark. 

when Kevin and I first started dating, we faced some serious storms at sea, 
where the darkness of our past had to be unearthed in order for our ship to keep sailing. 

we had to admit our failures. 
we had to own up to our past. 

and there were a lot of tears involved. a lot of hurt feelings. a suitcase full of disappointment. 

and yet, when we turned over the baggage of our darkness,
and let it sit in the light, all awkward, and bare and vulnerable, 
it soon became a thing of beauty as Kevin and I resolved to go forward together,
in a radiant step to live and love in the open. 

to be transparent, 
to be authentic,
to be real and honest and vulnerable. 
to be the secret keepers,
the lovers and pray-ers and guardians of one another.  

and where there is light, there can be no darkness at all. 
yes, i'm convinced love in the light is where the joy is at. 

Thank you Jesus, that you are the light of the world. 
and in you there is always enough light to cover us. 

Happy Valentines Day friends,
love Katie (& Kevin too!) 

{aaannnndddd, let's face it…most the time we look like this below…}


  1. you two are adorable. love these photos...and your skirt. i'm obsessed.

    "love needs light." such true words. thanks for the reminder today, katie!

  2. OKKKK this is too precious! I love it. You are beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. You two are too precious Katie :) Where is your outfit from? LOVING it. And who took these pictures? I finally bought my first DSLR and am dying to start playing! :) Any tips for a newbie? Adore you and your beautiful heart for Jesus xox

  4. I love these photos! Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Love these words and those photos! So beautifully put.

  6. How romantic and tender! That is pretty wonderful lighting!

  7. Terrific pictures! You are stunning :)

  8. such a great reminder - love needs light! you are such a sweet friend - love these photos!

  9. Love this photoshoot, and the message too! So true. Without light love is not complete. Thank you, Jesus! :) Love your skirt girl, you're gorgeous!

  10. Girl...I LOOVVEEE these pictures!!!! They are unbelievably stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all are beautiful on the inside and out!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  11. Such sweet photos! Love all that light. :)

  12. This is the most beautiful post I've ever read! Thank you so much for sharing your no relationship can thrive in the dark is a perfect statement.

    You have a beautiful heart and thanks for sharing sweetheart!


  13. Yes! Love this and these gorgeous photos

  14. Light, that's it. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring wisdom! And gorgeous photos, too.

  15. Beautiful thoughts, Katie. And lovely photographs. The last one made me smile. :)

  16. Aw I love your words so much. "love in the light" that's such a pretty way to say it. I love seeing how being so completely honest even if it's scary and awkward, that it's worth it and makes the love deeper. I love love love this post, and thank you so much for linking up! I love your writing.
    Btw these photos are gorgeous, and I wish I could have your outfit.

  17. What gorgeous photos! I'm stopping by from Faith & Fellowship.

  18. Reminds me of this verse:

    1 John 1:7 - But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.


  19. So sweet and so true!!! Love these pictures and your wise words. Happy heart day!

  20. Wow oh WOW. You are SO so so infinitely beautiful, Katie. Wow. Your hubby is one lucky lad!!! <3

  21. Lovely words & lovely photos! You go, girl!

  22. You two are gorgeous!!!! Love this sweet friend :) I need to email you and catch up super soon!

  23. I love this post, and I love your outfit! Y'all are so precious!

  24. so adorable. such truth in this post! LOVE.

  25. the most gorgeous window seat and such love-filled pictures <3

  26. SO true!! the first chapter of the book I am reading right now talks all about that! these pics are BEAUTIFUL and I love you dress. where is it from??

  27. Love these photos of you and the hubby...and of course your words on love always resonate so deep with me. On another note I love your outfit :) where did you get your top?

  28. Soo Cute! Love the light!

  29. BEAUTIFUL!! and so true, love should BE light.
    new follower for sure!


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