A company that I adore…31 Bits

Wednesday, March 5

eeekkkk, I am so excited today! 
why, you ask? 
well, let's just say I get to share about one of my favorite companies, 31 Bits. 

31 Bits is a company that empowers men and women in Northern Uganda. 
Uganda, located in eastern Africa has been ravaged by war for over 20 years. 
{see here for more info from their website}
Thousands of people once displaced in IDP camps, 
are just recently able to return  home to start a life. 
And yet for many, unemployment stares them in the face. 

31 Bits was started by some incredibly talented young women,
who felt like everyone deserved a chance to be all that God wanted them to be! 

Here's how 31 Bits works:
Ugandan men and women are employed to make gorgeous paper beads
into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories. 
But just earning an income is the tip of the iceberg! 
Through a 5 year program, 31 Bits seeks to educate their employees in 
business & training, and micro-finance opportunities.
Each employee has access to a counselor for their spiritual and emotional needs,
and attend health education with access to medical resources. 

but the bottom line is this,
transformation is happening,
and it is beautiful.  

This issue is very near and dear to my heart, as I spent a year of my life working with an incredible organization (IC) that works to stop the conflict in Northern Uganda. I traveled all around the country sharing about the conflict and screening documentaries to all who would listen. 
I so believe that we are neighbors of the world, and we are all connected, and therefore no matter how far away we are, we can all reach out and lend a helping hand to each other. 

31 Bits bridges this gap so well. 
Not to mention, their products are incredibly stylish:) 
Today I'm wearing their adorable "Morning Glory" bracelets! 

If you do nothing else today, please check out their darling and uplifting website here. 

happy Wednesday friends:) 
love Katie 


  1. This is amazing! And your outfit is stunning.

  2. Love how passionate you are about His people. You have so many beautiful stories from the adventures He has taken you on. love love love

  3. ahh i absolutely adore this company as well! i love companies that provide beautiful products along with giving back to the greater good : )

  4. fantastic company!
    thank you for sharing their mission with us.

  5. 1. I adore this. 2. You are gorg. 3. We have matching booties and 4. I need a gift for a friend's bday - problem solved!

    Big hugs to you lovely :)

  6. I love 31 bits! One of my best friends gave all of us bridesmaids necklaces to wear on the big day from them - so perfect. Beautiful items, and a beautiful cause!

  7. I have a pair of paper earrings that my mom bought me to help support a group similar to this. These bracelets are lovely and I love that you are promoting this!

  8. I just popped over from Rivers and Roads and I love love love how you talked about making your marriage matter. So often I ask God to bless my husband Josh and I's marriage, to make us stronger, to make us closer, to make us better. Your post reminded me that he paired Josh and I together for a purpose, not to make our life together puppies, rainbows and fairy tales (although that's nice). But he paired us together so people could see him. If we are living so insulated can people see Jesus? We are going to work on that this week! Thanks for the post, and the jewelry is oh so beautiful!

  9. Such a great promotion! And IC? Sounds like a great (and rewarding) job!


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