A few thoughts on the Charleston Shooting {and ways to engage}

Friday, June 19

I've been a little quiet on the blog this week. Life can do that, right?

But I felt it pertinent to share the incredible emotion i've felt about the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. I'm absolutely heartbroken. I've literally been praying for the church since I read about it...these were people's mom's, dad's, grandparents, friends, and mentors. Beautiful people with beautiful stories. As Christians, these are our brothers and sisters. They are in need, they are in pain. May we rally together to do what we can...

-Get to know their stories here...they were special people who impacted the world for Christ.
-Pray Pray and Pray some more!
- Read this article from the Huffington Post entitled "Following the Charleston Shooting, Here's What you Can do Now". Let's rally around these families and share our love with them. We truly are all in this together, and can join hands to bring love, comfort, and charity in a time of so much sadness.
-Let us give GENEROUSLY! Give of the money God has blessed us with, and share it with those in great need. Funeral costs, and counseling costs, and gifts for the family are all needed right now. May we be so generous with our funds. May we give away what God has given to us. See here how to give.

The bottom line is that we are family. 

Grateful for you, my dear readers and friends. Giving you lots of virtual hugs today! Happy weekend, may you be a blessing to many! 

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