Timouillage Beach // Jacmel, Haiti

Monday, June 8

Our first full day in the adorable city of Jacmel, on the southern coast of Haiti, was spent lounging around on the gorgeous Timouillage Beach. Like I mentioned in this post here, Haiti has very little tourist infrastructure, given the fact that it is a gorgeous island with many beautiful beaches and sites of interest. We were the ONLY ones on this beach for hours, until a mission group came later in the day. Talk about being off the beaten path, it was great:) 

The morning was spent reading, swimming, and girl talking...oh ya, and drinking fresh coconut milk! Perfect, right? Around noon we started to get hungry, and what do you know...they had the sweetest little sea food stall on the beach. Haiti has so much good sea food, I think I ate more sea food my week in Haiti than I have my entire life, haha! I ordered grilled fish and Katharine got the lobster. Both were good. 

If you are in Jacmel, hop on a motorcyle taxi and let the driver know you want to go to Timouillage beach, they'll know right where to take you! Chairs are free to sit on (but of course you have to purchase a drink or food!).  Later this week i'll be sharing more about the amazing city of Jacmel, a must if you are in Haiti (and only 2 hours from Port-au-Prince)! Happy Monday! 

ps- If you missed my brief history of haiti, make sure to check it out for context on my photos!

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