Cyvadier Hotel // Jacmel, Haiti

Monday, June 22

Like I mentioned here, Haiti doesn't have much of a tourist industry, which is really too bad because their natural beauty is top notch. Katharine and I spent 3 glorious days in the beachside village of  Jacmel, south of Port-au-Prince, lounging on Timouillage Beach and walking through the enchanting old town Jacmel.

But probably one of my favorite parts of Jacmel was the hotel we stayed at… Hotel Cyvadier Plage.  This place was absolutely epic, and for the price we paid ($50 a night per person) was TOTALLY worth it! It was nestled into a lush little cove, filled with palm trees and flowers and a million dollar view of the ocean. The open air dining room hugged the cliff so each meal revealed the spectacular view, and there were chairs and hammocks all around to enjoy the scenery from. There was also a pool to cool off in when the humidity felt a bit dense.

On evening at dinner there was a tropical storm, and it was absolutely crazy to be seated in such a cozy place watching the waves crash up against the rocks, and the lightening out on the water. So many good memories from our stay!

Cyvadier is a bit of a destination in it's own right, and I felt so blessed to stay there with my best friend for 3 days! The food is some of the best in Jacmel, and many people just came to eat there! My favorite was the lobster as well as the fruit and grilled prawn salad!

If you are in Jacmel, Cyvadier is the place to stay!! Enjoy the pics and Happy Monday!!

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