5 unexpected travel items I bring on every trip

Monday, August 24

I get a lot of emails asking me exactly what I pack on trips. Mostly, my suitcase and carry-on are filled with the usual items…clothes, toiletries, camera, snacks, passport/documents, credit cards, etc! However, there are a few items that I naturally carry with me on every trip that may not be so obvious! I thought i'd share some of them below:

1. Thank You Cards: Kevin and I do not travel without these!! Traveling opens a whole new realm of relationship, whether you are staying in a friend/family member's home, or even using AirBnB or couch surfing. When people open their home to you, they are doing more than offering a place to sleep. They are opening a very intimate space in their life, and inviting you in! What a privilege that is! Before every trip I buy a pack of Thank You cards and throw them in my suitcase! Before we leave, we always take a few minutes to jot down our appreciation and leave it for our hosts! (Can you tell how much I'm passionate about this?!?!…#exclamationmarkhoarder)

2. Ear Phone Splitter: This one is clutch when you are traveling with a buddy! Kevin and I tend to download a bunch of shows on our Kindle that we'll watch while we ride on long bus or train trips! While in Turkey last year, Kevin and I had numerous over night buses. We downloaded Sherlock onto our Kindle, and then utilized our ear phone splitter so we could both watch the same show at once! It sure beat having to share a set of ear phones!

3. Deck of Cards: The honest truth about traveling is that sometimes you have to wait. You wait in the airport, you wait in bus terminals, and you wait in lines…lots of them! One of the best ways to have a good attitude and forget about the incessant waiting is to play cards! We'll grab a deck of cards out of our backpack, pick a game, and soon forget that we were waiting for something! Card games are also a great way to meet new people! A few years ago my sister and I were in Greece just hanging out at a restaurant, enjoying the ocean view. We were playing cards, and soon a few British guys came to join our game and a few hours later, we had made new friends and new memories!

4. Zip Lock Bags: This one sounds random, but can be So helpful in a bind. I usually try to throw a few zip locks (one gallon bag as well as a few smaller bags) in my suitcase. Things I've used them for on previous trips….wet swimsuits, dirty shoes, dirty underwear,  cosmetic or skincare products if they break or explode, and for extra food I might want to keep and take with me! Having an extra bag can come in so handy!

5. Sunscreen: Ok, so this one might seem like a no-brainer, but you have NO idea how many times Kevin and I have forgotten sunscreen and had to buy it abroad. We now have a cupboard at home filled with sunscreens we've picked up all over the world, haha! So... moral of the story is, don't forget your sunscreen in the first place! Even if you don't think you'll need it, bring it!

Any other random items YOU bring when traveling? I'm so curious!!

Happy Monday lovelies!!

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