Swedish Style - how I adore thee...

Wednesday, August 26

No matter what way you slice it…Sweden is stylish, through and through. Scandinavian design, which started to emerge as an actual term in the 1950's, is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. 

Essentially…. what's been trendy in Sweden for over 50 years is finally becoming super hip and trendy in the USA…white walls, white couches, plants, wood and mixed metals. (how did we not catch on sooner??). Swedish style is the epitome of simplicity and serenity. Here are the things I noticed at all my family members homes in Sweden (these pics are all taken at friends or family's homes on our trip a few weeks ago!)

- Plants, plants and MORE plants!! Goodness gracious, I was struck with the fact that EVERYONE {and I mean everyone} had a literal green house as their living space. God forbid a window sill have no plant! *gasp* {Is there a secret unspoken rule in Sweden that your window sill must have a potted plant sitting on, and you get extra points if you also had a lamp next to the plant?? haha} But truly, as a country that is cold most of the year (i.e.: you can't exactly spend too much time outdoors when it's freezing and dark in the winter), I can see how adding some greenery could be so beneficial to your well being! Bravo, Sweden…you plant lovers, you!  

- Mixing Wood and Metal: I loved all the natural wood in people's homes. Between hard wood floors, wooden tables, and sweet wooden chairs, it just seemed so fresh…so outdoorsy! But what I loved even more is that Swedes are not afraid to mix natural woods with all sorts of mixed metals! Copper light shades over wooden tables, metal baskets on glass, wooden trunks with brass candlesticks on top. It was so delightfully simple but added such a pulled together feel.  

- White, white, and more white, please! For the most part, every wall in every home is painted white. Now that may sound plain and boring to you, but it allowed the space to feel so open and free…with natural light pouring in. It also allowed the designer to use pops of color here and there without making it look crowded. 

- Red and Yellow Houses: Literally, the majority of houses in Sweden are either red or yellow. It's adorable, and even though I've visited so many times, i've never been able to get over the cuteness factor! My cousins were telling me there is actually one particular shade of red, called Falu Red, that was originally made from shades of red out of a copper mine. People get this particular color when they paint their house! 

Essentially, I adore Swedish style, and can't wait to furnish our next home in this style! What do you think about Swedish style?? 

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