Back from Sweden and a HUGE thank you!

Friday, August 14

 Kevin and I are back from the motherland…Sweden, that is! We arrived back at 2am on Tuesday morning (after a series of delayed and missed flights! Oh joy! haha) Friends, we had the most amazing trip with my family and I cannot wait to share with you the beauty and hospitality that is Sweden. It's an amazing country for sure!

So…keep your eyes out for pictures from our trip…trust me, I took a lot, hehe!!

Secondly, I was so overwhelmed with the love I experienced regarding Wednesday's post! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and voting for me! Regardless of what happens, the care and support I have been shown has been so incredible. Women are amazing sources of encouragement, and I feel blessed to be in this community. So thank you, thank you!

Happy Weekend, hooray!! 

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