Saturday, September 26

Today is Mesothelioma awareness day. Don't know what mesothelioma is? Neither did I until a few weeks ago when Heather sent me an email sharing her story with me.

Every year around 3,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

On average, they are given 10 months to live.
That's 300 days,
7,200 hours.

Heather was one of those struck with the disease, and she's beat the odds by living 9 years since her diagnosis! She's made it her mission to educate others about the disease, and about the dangers of asbestos. Check it out…

Did you Know…
-Asbestos is still not banned in the US? Roughly 30 million pounds are still used each year.
- Even more than 30 years after the peak of its use, asbestos exposure is still the NUMBER ONE cause of occupational cancer in the USA?
- Asbestos fibers are invisible to the naked eye.
- Asbestos can still be found in many homes, schools, and commercial and industrial buildings.
- Navy Veterans are at the greatest risk to develop mesothelioma as asbestos was widely used in Naval ships and shipyards.
- No amount of exposure to asbestos is safe!

Make sure to watch Heather's story here, spread the word through social media, and think about giving towards mesothelioma research!

Happy Saturday!!

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