For the Love

Friday, September 11

I just finished Jen Hatmaker's book For the Love. It's really a book worth your time, and one i'll probably re-read every now and then because it's a quick read, is hijacked with truth, and is hilarious. Poor Kevin suffered a few nights of me reading him chapters aloud in bed.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend full of rest, connection, laughter and good people.
I'll leave you with a quote I love from the book…

"For the love. 

This is why we live and breathe:
for the love of Jesus,
for the love of our own souls,
for the love of our families and people,
for the love of our neighbors and this world.

This is all that will last. Honestly, it is all that matters.

Because as Paul basically said:
We can have our junk together in a thousand areas,
but if we don't have love, we are totally bankrupt.

Get this right and everything else follows.
Get it wrong, and life becomes bitter, fear-based, and lonely.
Dear ones, it doesn't have to be.

Love is really the most excellent way"

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