No need to strive…happy Friday

Friday, September 18

I am reminded so often that the best there is on this earth is Jesus. 

In the age of social media and glamorous living and making a names for ourselves, where our gifts and talents can get us far….there is still nothing more joyful than a simple life of following Him. We may believe the lie that it is our talents that make us worthy, that our gifts alone are what take us towards our dreams.

But Jesus…he is the dream giver, and no amount of talent or lack of talent could thwart His plan. And what i'm learning, is that a life focused off of us and onto Him, one filled with purpose and mission, is more epic than we could ever conceive.

Let's cut back on striving to make ourselves worthy, and rest in the incredible peace that He makes us perfectly worthy and valuable, and He will fulfill dreams in His perfect timing:) No need to strive!

Happy Friday loves...

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