We're in India

Thursday, January 7

 We've arrived in India.

As a blessing, I was invited to do some photography work for the amazing Sari Bari that is based out of Calcutta, India. Sari Bari employs women coming out of sex-trafficking/prostitution. I will spend the next 4-5 days meeting with the incredible women who make gorgeous products out of Indian sari's. I will hear their stories, and see their great handiwork first hand. I will be documenting their work.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. If you haven't heard of Sari Bari or seen their products, then you are missing out! The message of their products is freedom and empowerment, and quality of their products are seriously gorgeous…swoon worthy:) {here are some pictures of a shoot I did this past spring so you can see their products in action}

Please pray for us during this time:) Thank you so much! 

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