unraveling and rebinding

Tuesday, January 5

 {blanket by Sari Bari}

There are times in my life where in all honesty I feel a bit unthreaded. Like i've been unraveling for a while, and i'm just now noticing how far undone i've become. The last two years were a glass over flowing with busyness. Busyness that was imperative to furthering my career with graduate school, but busyness that nonetheless drew me away from the roots of life.

From friends. 
From community. 
From God.

Before you start thinking that i'm now an isolated pagan, i'm not. But i've noticed that i've lost the deeper threads of these areas, and I so badly want to reclaim them. I'm moving, and as it stands now, I have no job, no real defined community, and a lot of unknowns.

But in the midst of the confusion, i'm praying into a year where the threads start braiding back together. Where the things I hold most dear, marry in a lovely union that ushers me back into a place of feeling whole.

I'm deeply hungry for meaningful and loyal friendships. For mentors. For Bible studies that explore my faith, challenging me to something greater. For community that is laughter and truth telling and above all, connected. 

Seasons of unraveling are a part of life. I think God does something special in those places.
But I sure do hope 2016 is filled with binding up the brokenness in my life, and mending those areas that have surely been neglected by yours truly.

Praying for you sweet friend, for binding:)

ps- Don't forget to sign up for Be You and Love it! The class is open until January 6th! Friends, it's truly life-changing and i'd love to chat with any of you who decide to go through it!!

pss- Send up a prayer as Kevin and I travel to India today:)


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