Almost Summer!

Thursday, May 26

Summer, summer summer! 

I love everything about it (mostly!)

I know, i'm crazy, but I do love the heat. I love that I can swim in warm waters, drink cold drinks and not be freezing (like I am the rest of the year), and wear my bathing suit and dresses all the time! We are on quite the budget this year, but i'm loving these 5 items above and am hoping to add them to my wardrobe…don't they just scream summer?!?! 

I love summer fruits. I could eat nectarines, peaches, cherries, and apricots forever and amen. I just bought my first batch of apricots today and they just smell like summer. Growing up, my grandmother would take me to apricot orchards where we would pick crate after crate and then go home and can them. I love to eat them raw, in cobblers, or cut up in oatmeal or my cereal. Yum! 

I love beach bonfires and bbq's. I love how everyone just seems to linger a little longer at night. I love summer camps and vacations. I love 4th of July. Kevin and I have a few fun trips planned this summer, and possibly a bigger trip, we'll see! 

And, this year, we have all sorts of house projects I want to get done. This weekend Kevin promised we could work on building our own shutters for the front of our house. I'm working on turning our little ranch style house into an English cottage, and what's an English cottage without shutters and window boxes filled with flowers?? I'm so excited! 

Happy almost summer to you all!! xoxo 

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