My last 2 Fridays + 30% off my favorite lipstick of all time!!

Friday, May 20

{A photo from India with me wrapped up in a gorgeous Sari Bari throw blanket!  I'm also wearing 100% Pure's pomegranate lipstick in Primrose, which is now 30% off…see link below!} 

FriYay!! I just love Fridays. The beginning of rest after a long week at work:)

Last Friday my mom and I were down in Santa Barbara visiting my great aunt and uncle. They are just the sweetest most kindest people. They also are some of the most interesting people I know and have lived a full and fascinating life! They met at Westmont College in the late 1940's/early 1950's and then my uncle went on to get his PhD and teach at many well known Christian colleges, ending his time as the president of Denver Seminary for years. Him and my aunt travelled all over the world (back in the 1960s!) as my uncle spoke at missionary and pastors conferences! They also were the directors of Mt. Herman Christian Camp in the Santa Cruz mountains, welcoming people with joy to a retreat where they could meet Jesus. My aunt was telling me about all the skits and dress up parties they used to do (right up my alley!), and it was making me laugh. One time my aunt and 2 other women pretended to be The Andrew Sisters (the singing group from the 1940's), how cute!

My great aunt is my grandmother's sister, and she busted out old albums from the 1930's when the kids were growing up on a farm in Nebraska...literally in the middle of no where! My Swedish grandmother and her 4 siblings grew their own food and lived off the land, had no electricity and had an outhouse! My how times have changed!! Right before we left, they made us a delicious breakfast and sent us on our way with love and a parting gift. My great aunt collects all sorts of antiques, and gifted me with an antique rolling pin from the 1800's! I couldn't believe it. I'm so excited to add it to my collection:) Thank Aunt Marilyn:)

THIS Friday, my roommates from college are coming to visit me. 2016 marks 10 YEARS since we graduated from UC Davis in 2006! I can't believe it! So, of course we are having a dress up party (blue and gold, to honor our alma mater, haha!). Every few years we all try to get together (which is hard because we always have at least 1 person living out of the country!), but it has been so worth it. Just finishing cleaning my house and grocery shopping for a fun girls weekend together:)

Lastly, right now until Sunday 100% Pure is offering 30% off my favorite pomegranate lipsticks!! {You can read my review of my favorite make-up products here} These lipsticks are SO moisturizing, filled with yummy ingredients (no toxins or chemicals!), and stay on forever. They kind of stain your lips, I love them! My favorite shade is poppy!! Just click on the link, and use the code summer lips. Save 30% off 100% Pure with the code summerlips

Happy Friday friends!! 

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