Springtime round-up…what i'm loving!

Monday, May 9

This park, the one in these photos, is a 5 minute walk to my house. I honestly can't believe how gorgeous it is. I literally walk in the entrance, and i'm immediately transported into a beautiful fairyland. It was actually the scene for a very iconic and well known movie from the 1930's, and i'm surprised it hasn't been used more in films. I often imagine i'm going to stumble upon medieval knights on horseback or a damsel in distress…it just reminds me so much of being in England. Ivy on the trees, patches of wildflowers blooming here and there, and the ancient oak trees forming a magical canopy of leaves. Swoon:) 

Spring is lovely, and I daresay when i'm in it, it's my favorite season:) So many things blooming, new life budding out and creating a symphony of beauty. I'm actually in a season of newness right now, and am learning so much about my relationship with God. I hope to share in another post, but for now, wanted to let you in on a glimpse of some of my favorite spring things….

1) Beauty
100% pure is having a 50% off sale on all their nail polishes from May 11-15th!! Which means that the most amazing non-toxic nail polishes are only $6!!! I'm going to be stocking up for stocking stuffers at Christmas:) The color i'm loving at the moment is Velveteen! Use the code summer toes.
*and as a cool side-note, these nail polishes are "10-free" - free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and animal ingredients.
(Especially great for pregnant ladies who still want to paint their nails, but don't want to slather on any harsh chemicals!) 

2) Shows
I'm usually not a big tv watcher (I prefer books!) but Kevin has been gone a lot during spring work on the farm, so i've found myself with extra time to relax. I've gotten into 2 shows on Netflix, and no surprises here, they are both period pieces set in different centuries. The first one is When Calls the Heart. It was originally a book series turned into a Hallmark Hall of Fame mini-series, and it's cheesy as ever, but after a few episodes you kind of get hooked on the characters. Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky on Full House) is one of the main characters, and I kind of love her! It takes places in the 1800's in a little pioneer town in Canada. It's charming and sweet and very family friendly which I love, and of course there are love stories:) 

The second show, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, is a whodunit murder mystery show set in 1920's Australia. The costumes alone make me love this show, but after a few episodes you'll fall in love with Miss Fisher, who is adorable and brave. 

3) Stress Relief
Starting a new job has been wonderful, but at times I get overwhelmed. I've started taking a few drops of lavender essential oil and rubbing it on my neck. It's been amazing how it's totally calmed my body and lifted my mood! Not to mention, I've completely replaced every toxic cleaner in my house with home made items using essential oils that clean just as well and are super cost effective! If any of you are interested in the amazing benefits of essential oils, please contact me:) 

4) Food
Trader Joes has recently started carrying organic and gluten-free chia seed bars. And omg, they are amazing. I'll pop one in my purse to eat between seeing clients, and they are so yummy and tie me over until lunch. They use certified gluten-free oats and specify gluten free, so you can be sure no gluten is getting in!! Yum! 

5) Our House
I can't wait to share more of our little cottage with you! It's coming along, and is still a work in progress, but it's just darling and I feel so grateful God led us here. I'm going for a real English cottage look, and recently scored an incredible pine armoire off craigslist! It is an antique and was built 200 years ago in Europe and brought over to the USA. I smile every time I walk by it! If you're interested on our decorating style, you can check out my pinterest boards here!  Last night for mother's day we had my parents, siblings and aunt, uncle and cousin over and we ate delicious food and lingered for a few hours swapping stories and laughing a lot. It was good medicine for my soul:) 

6) Humor

I seriously love Jim Gaffigan. Kevin and I were giggling like children the other night listening to this one on hotel pools. How he comes up with this, I have no idea, but it's hilarious! If you haven't already listened, my other two favorites of his are on having 4 kids and seafood. Totally worth a listen!

7) Fashion
I'm loving flowy clothes in general these days. Loose shirts, skirts and dresses. You can see the dress i'm wearing in the pics here. It's so comfy, I love it!

8) Faith
Reading the book The Calvary Road (by Roy Hession), and it's changing my life. I told my mom this week that this might be one of the most influential books i've ever read. So simple, so profound, and yet so many parts about my faith being opened to me in a new way. I can't put it down, and have gone back and read and reread chapters. I can't wait to share more:)

Hope you are enjoying the last month of spring!! Happy Monday friends!! 

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