I leave for Tahiti today- follow along on IG!!

Thursday, July 28

I cannot believe it, but we leave TODAY for Tahiti! I am beyond pumped up!
{if you want the backstory on why we are going to Tahiti, read this post here}

Part of my partnership with Inspiration Cruises & Tours will be to tell the story of what a cruise with them is really like. And if i'm honest, i'm super curious to find out myself!

You see...their cruises are more than just a boat stopping in different ports.
Their cruises are a whole experience, 
one that is meant to refresh and deepen my relationship with God.
If a Christian conference and the most amazing cruise had a baby, Inspiration would be it!

Each day I will be exploring a new French Polynesian island, and then coming back on board to hear Chuck Swindoll share an insightful, encouraging message. I imagine that Chuck will bring the scriptures to life in a way that feeds my soul and opens the scriptures to me in a new way. He is a gifted teacher, and i've heard he's a super friendly and funny guy. So looking forward to meeting him :) {side-note about Chuck...I read through so many of his books in college and they gave me so much hope and life in a few dark moments. So while he doesn't know who I am, God has really used his writing in my life!}

Beyond the teaching time, there will also be a few musicians leading us in times of worship with the Lord. Now, THAT, i'm excited about!! To be in nature truly leads me to a place of awe and wonder for our Lord, who so creatively shaped the heavens and earth. Being able to express that awe and wonder through worship is truly a gift, and one I can't wait to be a part of.

Inspiration is known for their attention to detail and a touch of luxury, because who doesn't like to be pampered? I know I do! I can't wait to share with you the sweet little touches of love they add!

If you've read this post here, you know that things have been a bit hard lately. I've been doing a lot of praying and soul searching in terms of my calling, and so this trip is coming at a really wonderful and much needed time. I truly believe it will be the retreat my soul is craving.

And, it's going to be absolutely GORGEOUS!! I would LOVE for you to follow along with our trip on IG @inspirationcruises. That's right, i'm taking over the Inspiration Cruises IG with my pictures from our trip, and it's going to be so much fun. Would love to see your sweet comments and feedback!

Love you dear readers so much!! Excited to show you Tahiti and French Polynesia through our eyes!! xoxo

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