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Wednesday, July 20

First of all, if you haven't heard of 100% Pure- they are, in my opinion, the BEST make-up and skin care line i've ever used. Literally, my face has never been clearer and cleaner, and if you know me, you know i've struggled with skin issues for a while! Our skin is our biggest organ, and so we shouldn't be putting toxic crap on our face or body (and we all know most drug store brands are loaded with toxic chemicals!). Last year, I literally threw away all the drug store products filled with chemicals, and started investing in make-up and skin care that nourished my body in a natural way:)

For the last year, i've exclusively used 100% Pure products, both for my make-up and skin care routine. You can read more about the exact products I use each day for make-up and skin care.

1) Pretty Naked II Palette
100% Pure just came out with a new palette (complete with luminizer, blush and eye shadow) that I think is awesome. I've exclusively used their original Naked Palette the last year and have loved it, and now they are coming out with the Naked Palette II, which offers some variation in colors. This palette saves you the money of having to buy the luminizer, blush and shadows all individually. And it lasts forever! Right now, they are offering 10% off if you use the code ny10naked to purchase the Pretty Naked II Palette

2) Rose & Calendula Water Serum
This is one of those products that is pricey, but a total game changer! I use this under my daily moisturizer, and my evening nourishing oil. It hydrates and keeps skin nice and clear. It has been out of stock for almost a whole year, and i'm over the moon it's back in. AND, right now if you purchase this, you will get the Organize Rose Hydrosol Mist for free! Click here to check it out!

3) 20% off the scent of the month which is mangosteen, and 20% off the ingredient of the month which is jojoba beads. If you see any products with these, you get an automatic 20% off. All of their lotions are amazing, I must say, and perfect for staying moisturized this summer!

4) And, the best steal of a deal...
20% off $50+ orders
25% off $100+orders
30% off $150+ orders
No exclusions
Ends at midnight 7/26/16 (PST)
Save up to 30% off on 100% Pure online

If you feel overwhelmed, make sure to check out my posts on all the products I use on a daily basis (make-up and skin care) to give you an idea of how these products work and which ones I recommend. I've tried a LOT of their products, and definitely have my favorites! They offer free shipping AND free returns, so it's super easy to send something back if it's not your style. Total game changer. If you struggle with skin issues of any kind, I promise you will come to adore these products like I have!!

And if you just want to browse at your own pace, feel free to use my affiliate link here:) Thanks so much for supporting me in so many ways:) xoxo

Happy Wednesday!! 

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