We're hosting 2 Chinese jr high students this week- and an epic fail!

Friday, July 15


Ekkk! Kevin and I love meeting people from different countries. This week, we are hosting 2 jr. high Chinese girls. We picked them up last night and they are adorable! So sweet and curious. They are coming to an English camp here in America, so their English is pretty basic which makes it all the more hilarious as we try to communicate with hand gestures.

But...Kevin and I had a total fail moment last night. We gave the girls a tour of our home, let them settle in and put their stuff away....and then about 2 minutes later they walked out to the living room and said "we don't know how to close the door". At first I thought maybe they didn't realize you had to push the handle down...what kind of doors do they have in China anyway?? BUT...as it turns out, their door is literally falling off it's hinges. #embarassing

We NEVER use this guest room, and I guess have never tried to shut that door. Evidently the hinges are falling off, and sure enough...it doesn't close. Like, at all. 

So as Kevin is trying to drill it back up, the girls come bounding up to us, all smiles, with loads of gifts for us in their hands. It was so stinkin' cute. We cracked up, put the drill and screws down, and marveled at the beautiful gifts they came bearing from their China. In their basic English, they grandly described these traditional gifts. They are now displayed in our living room in a prominent spot!

And then we went about trying to fix the door. It kind closes now! ha. Worst. Host Parents. Ever.

Any who...hopefully we can get that door working tomorrow!

Pray for these sweet ones, that they feel loved and welcomed in our home, and in our country!! Can't wait for all the adventures we'll have in the next 10 days!

If you've ever thought about being a host parent for students from other countries, DO IT! It is such a fun experience, and you'll end up with friends all over the world!!

Happy Weekend!

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