Brevite- my new favorite way to carry a camera

Tuesday, October 25

Kevin and I are always looking for the most efficient way to carry our camera when we travel. Typically, i've carried a bag that looks like a purse, but Kevin's never super excited to carry it haha! 

Recently, I found out about Brevite which makes the most amazing backpacks that are uniquely created to carry your camera in style, but also in a way where you can grab your camera in a moment's notice. Honestly, I usually steered away from backpacks because it took so long to reach my hand in the top and grab any lenses or camera out of it. But Brevite provides an insert that goes in the bottom that divides all your gear, and you can open up the bottom pocket and grab them out super quick! 

Kevin and I recently went on a hike, and this backpack was a dream. It was comfy to wear, fit both Kevin and I (and he's quite a bit taller than me!), and most importantly, kept our camera safe and at the ready when we wanted to grab a shot! It was SO easy to grab our camera in a second! 

Brevite offers 3 different styles of backpacks, and they are all super stylish! We picked the Rucksack model.  I had a hard time picking! If you are an adventurer and want to carry your camera in style, then this is the perfect brand for you! 

And also, as a side-note, you can even take the camera insert out and just use this as a backpack for general books, laptop, overnight bag, etc. It's a great investment!


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