Our baby's gender reveal!

Tuesday, October 11

Last Friday Kevin and I went to an ultrasound place that can tell the gender of the baby from 16 weeks onward. I was so excited with butterflies in my stomach! Kevin and I really had no preference for the gender of our baby, so it was going to be exciting no matter what! 

I honestly have thought it was a girl my entire pregnancy. I've been super sick, girls run in my family, and all my food cravings were textbook girl cravings! Kevin and a few others thought it was a boy. So one of us was going to be right! 

Seeing our sweet baby at the ultrasound was amazing. We were there for almost an hour, and saw our baby in 2D and 3D imaging dancing around in my stomach! The tech told us the gender within minutes, and we both were delighted to finally know:) 

On Sunday morning we hosted my family at our house for a gender reveal. I wanted to do something low-key with just my family members, but something sweet and meaningful. Since we are super into our Swedish heritage, I asked my mom to make Swedish pancakes.

I then put a bowl of blueberries for people to top their pancake with if they thought it was a boy. 
And then a bowl of strawberries for people to top their pancake with if they thought it was a girl. 
Four people guessed girl, and two people guessed boy. 

And what did we top our crepe with? 

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!

We are so delighted and over the moon for our sweet girl. The days since we've found out, I've just been praying over our little lady, talking with her, and delighting in the fact that I will have a daughter:) God is so good and gracious and we are pumped for the day when we get to hold her in our arms!! 

ps- the comfy yellow Fall sweater i'm wearing is from here. I've literally worn it SO often because it's both cozy and festive:) 

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