Hey Mamas…I need your advice- What do I really need as a new mom?

Thursday, October 20

I am almost half way through my pregnancy, which is crazy! Just this week i've started to actually feel our little apple dumpling inside me, which is something special. I've started a journal to document my prayers for our sweet girl, and it's been fun to write down quotes from some of the mothering books i'm reading, and ask God specific things for our baby.

I also just started a baby registry, as I figured I will have next to no time to work on that once the holidays hit! And once I started my registry, I realized…I have no idea what to register for, haha!

That's where YOU come in Oh wise one! If you're a mama (or even if you just take care of babies a lot!) i'm sure you have your opinions on what the best baby gear is and what's been most helpful!

Because i'm trying really hard not to just accumulate "stuff", I'd love for you to share the items that you actually REALLY needed and came in clutch!

Any tips on strollers, carseats, baby carriers, bottles, pumping stuff, etc. would be SOOO wonderful!! I probably don't even know half the stuff I need, so fill me in!! Know any awesome brands I should be aware of? Send them my way!

I'm all ears on this one friends, and can't wait to read your recommendations!!

Have a sweet weekend, and if you didn't get in on the Sari Bari give-away from Tuesday, make sure to jump in on that here:) Both these pics feature a Sari Bari baby blanket that i'm giving away!

PS- If you need some encouragement and want to watch a super inspiring video, I'd recommend this one by Sally Clarkson. I listened to it last night while making dinner and honestly was so moved by her honesty and words about moving forward when life gets hard! You can watch it here. 

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