One year ago

Tuesday, March 20

One year ago I was pregnant and coming up on my due date of March 21st. Kevin and I were driving back from the bay area and saw this beautiful almond orchard in full bloom, where we stopped the car on the side of the road, and ran out into the blossoms and snapped a few pics of my pregnant belly (here).

Last week, the blossoms were coming to a close and I thought it would be fun to snap some with the sweet baby who was hibernating in my belly last year:) The blossoms are mostly off the trees, and the lighting isn't great, but I didn't care…it was so fun to just see the difference a year makes!

A year ago I was dreaming of holding my sweet baby girl, praying into her life, singing to her in my belly, and preparing for birth (and agonizing over her being So late, haha!). What an incredible time that was. I look back at it as such a sweet time where the Lord was catching all my fears and excitement in his hands, gifting me a peace that surpassed all understanding, and a season of celebration for the life to come. I'm so grateful when I look back on those few months before her birth. They were lovely.

In a few weeks, on April 4th, Avonlea turns one year old (HOLY MOLY!). We are having a little birthday party for her, and I can't wait to really reminisce on this past year with her. But for now, here are my pictures one year a part, wearing the same dress, but one with the hope of a child to come, and one with my little treasure in my arms:)

Happy Tuesday! xoxo

{haha I laugh at that picture on the right…i'm so pregnant and am just ready to have my baby, hehe!}
 My little blossom:) 

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