Poipu Beach, Kauai

Thursday, February 6

While our home base in Kauai was in Kapaa, we took a day trip down to the famous Poipu beach on the south side of the island. Poipu is almost always including on the top 10 beaches in Hawaii, so we knew we needed to visit:)

The drive from Kapaa was around 35-40 minutes, so totally feasible with small ones in the car:) Everett took his morning nap on the way there, for which we silently celebrated, ha! Small victories in parenthood, right??

Upon our arrival in Poipu, we decided to go walk around the Grand Hyatt Hotel. A friend had tipped me off that it is a pretty spectacular hotel, and she wasn't lying…it was gorgeous. Everything about it was perfect except the price tag to stay there (which is why we only walked the grounds, haha!). It is luxurious. They have the most gorgeous gardens and pools and even a faux "ocean" with sand and palm trees surrounding it. If you didn't have children, it would be a great place to stop in and get a coffee as their coffee shop overlooks the grounds and the ocean. I couldn't get over how lovely the view was!

Avonlea kept asking to get in the water, so we decided that was our cue to head to the real beach where she could get in the water! We drove just a couple minutes and parked at Poipu. It was pretty crowded, but we managed to find a spot close to the water. It really was pretty, however the crowning jewel of this beach is the reef which provides for some pretty epic snorkeling.

The kids and I played in the sand for a bit, and then Avonlea was itching to get into the water. Lately, Avie and I have loved matching mommy and me clothes, so of course I had to look for swimsuits and scooped these cute ones up on amazon..gotta love 2 day free shipping…arrived just before we left! (Also, as a side note to these suits…the adult ones run true to size but the children's size for Avie ran really small. She normally wears a 2-3T and I had to get her the 5T, just FYI!)

I would absolutely recommend coming to Poipu, but I will say that it's definitely not the most kid-friendly beach. The reef starts pretty soon after you get into the water, and there's not much sand to walk around on. But that didn't stop us from scooping up the kids and swimming around with them in an area that was a little less choppy from the waves. We also got to see a seal on the sand bar at Poipu, so that was really neat.

Overall, I am so grateful we had a day in Poipu. It was a real treat!

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