Kilohana Plantation Railway

Wednesday, February 26

It's funny when you start traveling with children, because all of a sudden you are looking for very kid friendly things to do (something you never even glanced at in your previous life, haha). When we decided to go to Hawaii, we did a quick search of kid friendly places...and Kilohana Plantation Railway was at the top of the list.

Then...I ran into a local Kuaian gal who told me her son loves to come, we had to add it to our itinerary!

It did not disappoint. The train ride is so much fun, and surprisingly interesting for adults. The guy narrating the whole ride was both informative and hilarious. Kevin and I both separately admitted to how much we loved it. The train ride is 40 minutes long, and winds all around the old plantation. You see the huge manor house built in the 1930's, and then go through all sorts of rows of crops. There are orchards of all sorts of citrus fruits, rows of vegetables, and then pastures with different animals.

Avonlea's favorite part of the ride was actually the part where we got out and fed the wild pigs. (not sure if they are wild anymore, as they live at this plantation, haha). The conductor gave us some bread that she was able to throw over the fence. She laughed non-stop for about 15 minutes, it was a blast.

The train ride is definitely the main attraction. You can walk around part of the property, where the main house is, but there isn't a whole lot to do there for kiddos. Kids under 3 are free, and adults are $20 a ticket. However, they do have a luau at this plantation that I've heard is good!

Overall, we are so glad we did this! If you are in Kauai with kiddos, this is definitely a highlight! 

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